March 10, 2011

Accidental Freedom

The rust in the windowpane,

The walk down a lonely lane,

The flickering light

The fighting night.

The sound of raindrops

The windows hiding gasps

The blowing wind chill,

The sepia picture still.

The touching walls,

The suffering thralls,

The empty cup chokes

The blithe spirit floats

The fleeting clock dances

The seconds without a chance

The red seeping veins

The crash of sleeping trains.

Gyanban Thoughts – These few lines are about how we often get freedom with pain. Life is perhaps the greatest oxymoron itself. We often look to find solace and peace in situations we can or could control, ironically however, some people find peace in situations beyond their control, or at least that’s how we would like to remember them. These few lines are dedicated to all those people who lost someone, and wish they are happy now…wherever they are…maybe.?

Written for onesingleimpression.

Image courtesy:desktopnexus


  1. Everyone learns to live through their sorrows, however hurtful they might be. I feel sorry for the few that are unable to do so.

  2. Beautiful choice of words and lovely expressions in the narration which smoothly flows on and undercurrent of sadness!!

  3. lovely imagery.

    your title is interesting..

  4. An emotional cataclysm! The waking, perhaps to renewal.

  5. Life's lessons are learned through experiences... These few lines are splendid!

  6. Very well done. I really liked the imagery.
    Mad Kane

  7. Beautiful poetry. I marvel at your imagination...

  8. @D2 - I often wonder why people dont learn from their joys, why do they have depend on sorrows to learn a lesson ? ! Good to see you back.

    @Nanka - appreciate your kind thoughts.Thank you.

    @Jingle - welcome to Gyanban - so what interests you in the tittle?

    @the feeling lioness - hmm sigh!

    @Sandy Carlson - such powerful emotions aren't they.?

    @DuDo - welcome and thank you for your appreciation.

    @Mad Kane - Welcome and thanks, yes the imagery is vivid, in fact that's what inspires me.

    @Roshmi - good to see you after a long time.Thank you for your appreciation.


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