March 27, 2011


When darkness lights up the sky

When the stillness of the photograph talks

I see you near me being so far away

When ink dries on paper my story begins,

When the last drop dries my thirst bursts

I feel you inside me yet feel so hollow

When roads turn to nowhere,

When the fork leads to a cliff, my flight begins,

I fly with you yet you are on a different path

When steps that lead to the door become infinite,

When the door opens to infinity

I look at your lost eyes, try to find myself in them

When the final breath empties my life,

When the final beat misses it’s journey

I leave your heart with my memories…

Gyanban Thoughts - A few lines for those seeking light from darkness.It is an attempt to feel what it is to be not felt,not get what is wanted.I recently read a few disturbing articles about how some people feel so trapped yet cannot break away, they feel so strongly about someone yet cannot get them to realise the same.They spend thier lives hoping ,wishing and praying that someday it will all turnaround.

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  1. wah wah....beautiful poetry...still going strong as ever :)

  2. Hi Gyan,

    That was lovely poetry, I am sure millions of people feel the same but are unable to put it in words on their tongue or on paper like you did - in this verse....

  3. Lovely GB :-) Very sensitive and it touched my heart.

  4. Bahut ache Gb.. :) I am not so good with commenting.. Just feel it. :P


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