June 14, 2011


It was a long hot summer’s night,

Somewhere along the milestones cried a flickering light.

Fireflies beneath the stars,& the whistle of a distant train,

I fell in love with you walking down the memory lane.

The patient dewdrops appreciate the petals,

While the voyeuristic time seizes to settle.

Many moons have passed since it’s last wax and wane,

Holding hands and whispering the precious mundane,

As the steam blows from the kettle,

Passion nudges my mind and softly nestles,

As the breeze sways the waves so high,

A kiss is not a kiss without your sigh.

Once a beautiful portrait picture,

Life took a new canvas, a new aperture,

The colors were crude,

The mood never understood.

Screeching wails of the bleeding wheels,

Reckless blood disturbed the delicate heels.

The shocked pebbles and muted greens,

Witnessed the tragic scene.

Her dying eyes hoped in vain,

The slowing beats and numbing pain.

Her lips quivered, though lifeless she lay,

A hit-and-run the newspapers say.

It was a long hot summer’s night,

I saw my love in a new light,

In a new place on a new moon night,

We looked down and saw the earth shining bright.

Gyanban Thoughts - Every year the number road-rage accidents incease.Hit and run cases are the most insensitive ones.These few lines are dedicated to all those people who lost their loved ones in such accidents.And probably,and hopefully a thought inducing one,for some who were or might have been involved in such a situation.Let us all be a bit more careful, a bit more responsible,because you never know what the next bend beckons -life or death?

Also written for the weekly prompt - Long For in One Single Impression

image courtesy:desktopnexus.com


  1. Really Beautiful Fantastic Write Up!

    Short Poems

  2. @Marinela -thank you for your kind words.Welcome to Gyanban.

  3. "The shocked pebbles and muted greens,

    Witnessed the tragic scene."

    I loved this line - it's so true, that humans think from their own perspective, forgetting we are constantly being felt and observed by the life-forms and even cells of our environment. Road rage affects, not only the human victims, but also the shocked pebbles. You wrote a fine tribute to those who lost what they loved through the mindless actions of another.

  4. oh, oh...this is quite poignant!
    what's left are just beautiful memories after witnessing the tragic scene...

    there is that beautiful hope at the end...witnessing your love in a heavenly place!

    a mixture of emotions Gyanban...well served for your readers! loved it..

    thanks for the visit...Amity

  5. Oh, the challenges. Thank you for this gem.

  6. Beautifully written,Lovely words:-))

  7. @brokenpenwriter - thank you so much and welcome to Gyanban.com

    @Amity -thanks for the visit,and kind words.

    @SandyCarlson - appreciate it.

    @Mad Kane - welcome and thank you.

  8. A tragic symphony of love.

  9. "Fireflies beneath the stars,& the whistle of a distant train,
    I fell in love with you walking down the memory lane.

    The patient dewdrops appreciate the petals,
    While the voyeuristic time seizes to settle."

    Wonderfully written & conveyed:)

  10. Nicely put.
    A good post to begin to your day with. Keep up the good work

  11. Beautiful write up. Such a co-relating poem.

  12. @purba - nicely put -thanks.

    @deepazartz -thanks a lot.

    @Rachti - welcome and thank you.

    @Prateek - welcome and thank you.Co-relating poem to what/?

  13. Tragic yet beautiful weave and a very pleasant blog.

  14. simply beautiful piece emerging from memoir.

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  16. @Alka Gurha - thank you for your kind words.

    @Jagdish Bali - Thanks a lot sir.Much appreciated.

    @ITB Team - thanks for selecting Gyanban as a part for the best Indian blogs.

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