April 22, 2012


Land Ahoy!’ young Wayne Roswald exclaimed.

‘How is that possible?’ Aileen McCarthy retorted.

‘Yes I see it too but it looks so different?’

‘What re those tall structures?’

‘I don’t know I don’t have a precedence to refer.’

‘Should we stop?’

‘I don’t think so?’

‘Where are the others?’

‘I don’t know – they must be coming behind’

‘What a night it was, isn't it?’

‘Yea, I didn’t notice the iceberg at all.’

‘Oh so you saw it?’

‘Yes maam right in front of my eyes.She ran into it like a charging bull.’

‘And then?’

‘Well, after that I…I’

‘Well go on – why did you stop?’

‘Uh um I don’t seem to remember.’

‘What do you mean you don’t remember – we hit the iceberg didn’t we?

‘You were there too –‘

‘Yes I was, but on the lower deck – so didn’t see it coming – just heard a loud noise and that was it.’ Aileen said lowering her eyes.

‘What happened after that?’ Wayne pushed.

‘We ran out of the lower deck and then…’

‘And then what?’

‘That’s odd- I too don’t remember what happened next?

Just then…

‘Look there is a strange looking boat coming right ahead.They seem to be saying something…’ Wayne said.

‘Captain – I see a man and a woman on a boat – they refuse to identify themselves’, seaman Ron Mitchell shouted.

‘Are you kidding me? Must be a rocking honeymoon on a boat in the middle of Atlantic!’ Captain Cork giggled.

‘This is the US coast guard patrol service, identify yourself’ the loudspeaker blurted.

‘Wayne Roswald and Aileen McCarthy on board sir.’

‘Which port are you coming from?’

‘Southhampton sir’.

‘You traveled two hundred and fifty nautical miles on that boat?

‘No just the last few miles – our ship hit the iceberg sir’.

‘Well the last time something hit an iceberg was a hundred years ago’.

Wayne and Aileen shivered, as they saw the date on a wet torn newspaper lying on the floor of their boat –April 10,1912.

Gyanban Thoughts - this fiction is dedicated to the centenary of the Titanic voyage.April12,2012 is when the unsinkable sank.So many lives,so many stories, so many hopes and so many prayers drowned that cold night.I guess God was busy saving someone else that night.This story is laced with optimism albeit in another timeline. Somewhere the Manhattan experiment crossed my mind while creating this fictoreal story.The story travels back and forth in different time lines.Who knows someday we just might see the the Titanic that made it to New York.

This also happens to be my 200th post.


  1. Titanic Titanic saab kahe....iceberg kahe na koyi

  2. Enjoyed reading.You have managed to extract maximum with minimum use of descriptive words.That is craft.


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