June 4, 2012

Wind Beneath My Wings - VIII

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Suddenly everything was clear and he recalled his past. As love possessed him, he wanted to become a better man, forsake all evil and become good once again. He was tired of being the agent of death. The bonus was immortality and eternal youth, but no love made it all worthless. He craved for some love, some life. He craved for one touch, one kiss, just one embrace, to feel her, to be with hereto love her like never before or ever since.

Those four years of watching Rosalyn were just magical for him, the best memories of his life, and he will cherish them forever – forever ,well, that’s something he cannot say anymore I guess.

As time passed, his restlessness grew and when he could bear it no more, he took a decision to forsake his immortality to go back to Earth and win her over, just to spend the rest of his mortal life with her.

Finally, the story of my life perhaps didn’t need a twist – but I can hardly complain as I have been behind numerous such twists and turn of other’s lives.

As I floated over Jatin Das Park, I finally saw Rosalyn walking up to me. She looked beautiful as ever, even  though there was blood spattered on her dress. I could tell she was hurt not just physically, but mentally. She looked at me with piercing eyes – for leaving her four years ago.
We looked at each other for a few seconds and then finally she spoke –

‘Gerald where have you been all this while – I have missed you so intensely?’

‘Darling I’ve found just the dream place for you and me in heaven’.

‘What did you do all these years?’

‘Well, to begin with, I was assisting Apollyon with his job and repaying for the sins I committed on earth before finding a small place in heaven.

You know that’s when I learned the sinister events on February the 14th four years ago. Apollyon,the angel of death fell in love with you and orchestrated the accident, and instead of you he took me with him. I was fortunate the Lord Almighty, his father, our father, was watching over all that happened. Rest as they say is history.’

‘But who was Mr.White?’

‘Well that was just a loving father trying to help his son.’

As for Apollyon, well, like he has done this many times before, the same will happen to him, he will not remember any of this in a few minutes, and he will resume his mortal life on earth till realization strikes him after his death.

Just like it did to you and me.

Gyanban Thoughts - Final and concluding part of the mini series. I enjoyed writing this and originally had a different ending,  I started the story hoping to write a love story without any twists or turns.Then I turned  to write a sombre love story, a father son saga,finally after re reading hundred times chose a paranormal  angle to it. Therefore if you read the series in one go, you will find these elements in the narration. A good story needs a good scene description,so you find a detailed account of Rosalyn's life.A good needs attention to detail,so i spent sometime developing Gabriel and Roaslyn's personalities.A good story needs research  so when I was trying to design a super natural thriller an element of research was required to add to the authenticity of the narration - all of these  were critical..Rosalyn, Gerald, Apollyon all mythical characters dating back to pre and post christianity evolution.
The resultant mix of all these elements, gave birth to Wind Beneath my Wings. I enjoyed writing this, hope you had an equally good time reading this.
Till next time....ciao.

Read from the begining.


  1. Nice writing exercise. I love the different angles you've given this, each time

  2. I hate the moment when I have to leave a comment in your blog. Just to let you know that I read the whole series and liked it. It was a gripping story.


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