July 3, 2012


Look at the mirror and see your face,
Mind is crowded,it needs some space,
You are persistent and strong,
Put on the mask and sing along.

As the dawn moves to dusk,
As the lights switch on first,
As the birds fly away,
You, begin your day.

Off you go to work and say
Good morning to everybody,everyday.
A bright smile meets the eye,
Hidden beneath is the sacrifical sigh.

You work the nights,
Brave the lights,
Work into the dawn,
Without a yawn.

You miss your momma’s pampering,
And Papa’s kind words,
Something you never valued then,
But now your emotions are stirred.

Or be it your fiance’s lonely look,
Those longing eyes, shift back into the book,
Your wife has cooked lovely food,
You wont eat together, is silently understood.

Your husband shrugs and bids you bye,
Your daughter’s little fingers, tug your tie,
And all you can say is good bye.
And head off with a sigh.

As you drive off in the car,
Those lonely eyes follow you far.

I don’t know who you are,
But you must be, some kind of superstar.

 Gyanban - I ve noticed people who work in the day times, often ridicule or are ignorant about the work that goes on right through the night.Its quite ironical when someone says to me,how can you work in the evenings/nights? Why has that person forgotten hospitals,doctors,flights,pilots,trains,busses,hotels,factories,call centers...and many more. People have always worked in the nights,and the least we could do as a civilised society is to acknowledge their contribution and be sensitive to their predicament.These jobs are not easy, on the mind body or soul. These people brave against all odds and work perhaps to complete the phrase 24/7.One of the things that has made India's name famous around the world. Would we rather not have this tag? 

These few lines are dedicated to all those people who have or are working  in the night ~ and the people around them who make it happen.Families,friends and well wishers all make it possible for these people to go on with their lives smoothly.

Their support is what makes them a superstar.
Salut !


  1. It's a very sensitive and touching poem. Lovely words and the foot note was fabulous :-) great work GB

  2. Poignant words, but true; thanks for sharing.

    PS: Wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy!!

  3. Lovely poem with some touching words :) Well written

    1. Thank you Haricharan - appreciate your thoughts.

  4. People who work into the night deserve recognition. Your poem does that most beautifully.

    1. Yes I thought long overdue....Thanks for reading.

  5. beautiful ... can relate!!


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