August 5, 2012

Soul Pyre

Brutal screams and muted walls
falling rains and weeping Gods,
cowardice hands and innocent tears,
empty eyes and an eternal smear,

nameless faces on empty walls,
hiding behind those forgotten halls,
crouch in darkness till the storm fades,
arise they will with new charades,

today a country lit its funeral pyre
burning in shame burning with ire,
light your soul with elan
rise up o fallen man...

Gyanban Thoughts - these few lines are dedicated to the sad turn of events in the Assam and Mangalore moral policing cases. These people who do such a cheap act need to be publicly prosecuted and exposed - so that they live the rest of their lives with a tag/shame of being a coward.

image courtesy: here


  1. Sad situation. I hope we realise that our silence is hurting and wake up from our slumber.

  2. i liked what i saw here. After a long time i am hopeful that i would be probably stalking some blogger avidly ;)


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