January 19, 2013

Usual Saturday

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon, much like all Saturday afternoons.
She took out the powder from the chest of drawers and kept it on the table,just like she had done a  hundered times before. The aparatus was set, the powder neatly rolled out on glass. It was just a matter of time before she would be transported to another universe. Where colors were bright and the air thinner, some bright light and gentle drift would take her far away from the reality of the usual Saturday afternoon.

‘Stop’ she said.
‘Please for heavens sake stop’
‘Don’t do it – you have hope now – your kid is waiting at school’
‘You have a lot to live for – don’t give up this chance’.

With a sudden burst of emotion, she pushed the table away and the powder blended into the room. She ran out of the house to get into her car.

At the first turn, an oncoming truck ended her path to hope.If only she’d let her quiet Saturday afternoon, be the usual Saturday afternoon….

Gyanban Thoughts : A short story,where the key word was sadness.A story had to be structured around this word and theme.


  1. Can we call it fate?...yes, it would have been better if she chose to spend it as any other Saturday.

  2. Amazing story.. You really are a great story teller..

    Thumbs up Sir.

  3. Brilliant!

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