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Co Exist

This heart does not wait This wait has no heart This time has no patience This patience know no time.
This love know no bounds This binding knows no love. This touch has no feeling, This feeling has no touch.
This road has no ending, This ending has no road. This cliff has no fall This fall has no cliff.
This search has no end This end has no search This God is never seen This sight sees no God.
This darkness sees no light This light sees no darkness. This fight has no freedom This freedom has no fight.
This life has loneliness, This loneliness has no life. This poetry has no meaning This meaning has no poetry.

This song has no soul. This soul sings no song. This flight has no sky This sky sees no flight.
This hate has no end This end has no hate. This origin has no end This end has no beginning…

Gyanban Thoughts : These few lines are an abstract representation of infinity or the cyclical nature of life or even co existence of duality and opposites which surround us.And this is my 200th post.

Tele Phony

'Hello, is it Mrs.Vinobha's  residence?' 'Yes,who is this?' 'Madam we are calling from Shakti Detective Agency' 'Oh' 'We wanted to let you know that your suspicion was right - your husband is with another woman right now, and we have proof of photographs. 'I knew it - that bastard' 'Madam where can you make our balance payment?' 'You will get it sent tomorrow ,I'll send the driver with the check' 'Ok Madam'

'Hello is it Mr.Vinobha?' 'Ah is that Geetanjali?' 'Yes sir' 'Oh call me Jayant - you know me in an out by now' 'We have just received a new set of Solitaires from South Africa, just the design you were looking for' 'Oh I guess it was worth the wait for so many days afterall' 'When can we expect you?' 'I am on my way'
'Hello, this is Mrs.Shantala Vinobha... mmm this is Ms.Shantala Chinoy from Versova Angel apartments' 'Detail…

The Rama Cafe

‘What time do we meet?’  ‘He will be there at 7 AM to greet his blind followers’  ‘Well its 6AM already – lets get started’. ‘There’s no hurry my friend, we can get there on time, why we can even have a cup of coffee’.  ‘They’d warned me that you are a bit weird…but this weird, I couldn’t have imagined’!  ‘Ah what’s wrong with a hot cup of coffee…before we write history?’ 
Narayan was perspiring at six in the morning, although Delhi wasn’t all that humid in January. ‘You are crazy, you know that right?’ . 
‘Well lets discuss that on our way to the coffee stall’ he said. 
As the two friends walked past the Birla House, they spotted the familiar CafĂ© at a distance, but something was odd. It didn’t look like the one they were familiar with and the door was closed. 
‘That’s odd – I ve been here for the last 6 months, it opens by 5 AM’ ‘Its 6:30 – and its still closed – strange.’  Narayan went near the door and tried to force it open. But the lock seemed different. He had not seen this before. He…