February 23, 2013

Tele Phony

'Hello, is it Mrs.Vinobha's  residence?'
'Yes,who is this?'
'Madam we are calling from Shakti Detective Agency'
'We wanted to let you know that your suspicion was right - your husband is with another woman right now, and we have proof of photographs.
'I knew it - that bastard'
'Madam where can you make our balance payment?'
'You will get it sent tomorrow ,I'll send the driver with the check'
'Ok Madam'


'Hello is it Mr.Vinobha?'
'Ah is that Geetanjali?'
'Yes sir'
'Oh call me Jayant - you know me in an out by now'
'We have just received a new set of Solitaires from South Africa, just the design you were looking for'
'Oh I guess it was worth the wait for so many days afterall'
'When can we expect you?'
'I am on my way'


'Hello, this is Mrs.Shantala Vinobha... mmm this is Ms.Shantala Chinoy from Versova Angel apartments'
'Blue shirt,Black trouser, rimless frame,5 feet 11 inches,90kilos,Blue BMW number 7376'
'Will be done'
'Our bullets haven't missed the previous 22 targets,make sure money is ready'
'First proof then money'
'We can even present a part of the body, but that would cost you more'
'Just shoot'


'Hello - she's alone at home now'
'Ok, address?'
'1401 Versova Angel Apartments'.
'Where's the money?
'Ah I ve got a special South African Solitaire'
'We need cash not diamonds'
'Listen this stone is worth a INR1.2 cr -besides no one will suspect me either'
'Thank you Mr.Vinobha'

The phone disconnected.

Gyanban Thoughts -  This short story was written with a twist which focused on misdirection.The story is entirely over a telephone call,hence aptly titled Tele-phony.It primarily revolves around insecurities that arise in people over time,without actually knowing about it.And sometimes these lead to twisted endings.


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