June 30, 2013


Stepping on puddles of water
Splashing the walls with color
Swirling in the rains
And then hiding for cover.

Sitting on the terrace open,
Soaking in the cool breeze
Watching life stop on a traffic light,
And the move again,with a new fight.

Peeping through those expensive window panes,
Searching for the untouched dreams,
Resolving to cross over one day
The curtains unfold to separate reality.

And then the eyes meet the eyes unmet.
Words fade away and the feet stand still.
The interrupting breeze moves her hair
As the cruel clock rings a bell across the hill.

Many moons waned,that moment never came,
Many clouds covered the will,
Many resolute storms changed the way,
But some rocks just stood still…

Gyanban Thoughts ~ Some moments never come back,some people never change,some feelings always remain the same...as life has so many changes to offer,yet some remain the same...always.


Say it only if you mean it -


Houses in flames,  and hearts ablaze streets in pain  and severed limbs strewn around In hate lies the heart, in rage lights the mind Tears ...