October 29, 2013

Double Entendre

‘My god, what are you doing here at this  hour?’ he asked.

‘I’ve come to see your house,besides its raining outside’ she said.

Richa Maurya,35,a successful advertising executive, intelligent and a ravishing beauty, stood at the doorstep of Jatin Iyer’s residence at 1 AM.

You were crazy at 25 and at 35 ,it’s a new high'
‘I’ve heard that one before,just that the 35  bit, is a little jarring’said Richa strutting inside without fear or permission ,and sat on the lazyboy couch.She looked around the living room nonchalantly while Jatin was still at the door.

‘Why don’t you just shut your brain and make love to me, right here, right now’she said.

‘Its time you woke up to reality Richa,have some coffee’ Jatin said absorbing her dramatic statement.

Richa unzipped the jacket to expose her off-shoulder black top over the beige skirt.She shifted her legs ever so swiftly,that the skirt moved up about 5 inches above the knee as if by design.Twirling her hair she looked at him without blinking.

‘What on earth are you doing?’

‘Tell me you love me,crave for me, tell me you want me, tell me you will do anything for me’

‘I think you need to talk to the Doc’ he said.

Richa unhooked her bra and pulled it out of her left sleeve without removing the top.

‘This is insane.’he panicked.

Richa stood up and raised her hands in the air and then crossed it behind her head.

‘Leave Richa’ he pleaded.

‘Nobody leaves Richa, everybody loves Richa…but you’ she said.

‘Richa you need help,I mean I didn’t know you were really crazy’he said.

‘Oh I haven’t even begun,’she said.

Richa slowly got her hands down and began lifting her top.

‘Jats who are you talking to in the middle of the night?’ Vasundhara asked rubbing her eyes while walking from the bedroom.Vasundhara’s yawn interrupted as she lay her eyes on Richa.

‘Richa,what on earth are you doing here?’

It was easy for Richa to quickly change her intense expression into a demure one, her beauty aided it so well.

‘Well, I just decided to get married – and the first person I wanted to give my wedding card was to my old duffer boyfriend, who did the right thing by marrying the right girl at the right time – Vas n Jats please come to my wedding!

‘Aww come here,congrats honey,’Vasundhara gave a tight hug to Richa, as she raised her eyebrows and winked at Jatin.

Gyanban Thoughts : some characters in our lives will perpetually remain a mystery.What they say and what they mean will never really be the same and or understood.This short fiction is dedicated to all those unknowns which are woven into the fabric of life.


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