June 15, 2014


Sultan Mastana might not have been his real name,but nobody questioned it.Though he got shot from a distance,the bullets did enough damage to puncture his belly,right shoulder and graze the left temple.He lay on the stretcher unconscious and blood still oozing from the wounds.

‘This is an emergency ward not a film show – please wait outside’Doctor Sneha Malik retorted without looking at the visitors. They obeyed leaving the door ajar.She looked behind her shoulders and saw them peeping inside and said ‘why don’t you get a couple of gunshots and you’ll get a chance to lie on the same bed ok?’ The door closed quietly.

Trying to save the man who was responsible for her  life at the orphanage wasn’t easy

Gyanban Thoughts : a thought on unconditional love,support or  blind faith.

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