October 10, 2014

Missing - Finale


Fanus Mistry sat in a corner of the cafĂ© just before the escalator into security check. The espresso rim on the porcelain cup had dried up. People strolled across the leather tan sofa where Fanus Mistry sat for the last hour. A little girl, sitting on the edge of a  trolley loaded with suitcases , looked at him and yawned. Fanus snapped out of the blank gaze.

The phone screen showed "Boman Uncle". Fanus finally clicked on the green button after multiple rings.

"Dikra - where are you and Cyrus?" He is not picking up the phone  ,I'm worried ,please come home  - I beg you" Boman Daruwala broke down into a silent sob.

"Uncle, he is not coming back to Delhi" he said.

"I don't understand, I mean if he is not coming back to Delhi what is he going to do in Mumbai?" he asked.

"Mission Roohi" Fanus said looking at the little girl on the trolley.

"Mission what? Who ? What is this?" Boman asked.

"Uncle - if he manages to do it, it will be his first movie"

"Movie, Dikra how is he going to …I mean where is the money…but" Boman was at a loss for words.

Fanus closed his eyes and recalled all the moments with Cyrus and disconnected the phone.

A few miles away, Cyrus Daruwala sat down at "Azad Maidan". The phone rang again, this time he picked up.

"Hello, hello , are you there Cyrus ,hello.Come on ,Cyrus say something, aren't you in the hotel? I mean why aren't you in the hotel with Fanus? Where is Fanus, please give the phone to him, Cyrus you need to rest, I'm trying to reach you guys  - tell me , speak up will you" Sneha probed.

"He's gone" he said.

"Gone, gone where? I mean are you not with Fanus?" she asked.

"No, and I think I never will …ever" he said.

"What do you mean? " she asked.

"We broke up, I am not going back to Delhi  - I am going to be here  and,  I don't know, what he is going to do "Cyrus spoke in a low voice holding back his tears.

"Cyrus this is unreal , after all those years ..how can you Cyrus?"

"I did not leave him, he did -"

"Where is he now?"


"Listen Cyrus, go find him now , you will lose him forever"

"Doc. Not all those who are lost, want to be found".

There was a moment of silence and then Sneha spoke again.

"Can you just snap out of this and get going - enough - I've heard enough - listen ,I am not saying it is going to be easy, but you have a chance to build your lives together, you have a chance to lead the lives you always wanted to - just as you, Fanus needs to be healed - and there is no medicine in the world that can heal a heart ache. Only another loving heart can…so go now, before it is too late , go find him, his flight is still two hours away…"

Cyrus disconnected the phone  and hailed a cab"Taxi, domestic terminal - now , can you drive fast? "

"No" said the driver and ambled away.

"Please , please bhau , take me there it is very important" Cyrus pleaded grabbing the front window of the cab.

"Nahi Saheb" and sped away.

Cyrus started to run towards  Churchgate  station. He pushed the crowd away, leaped across the pothole, rolled over the fence and came to a grinding halt when he saw the ticket queue.

"Train to Virar departing platform number eleven" the speaker announced.

Cyrus looked at the departing train gaining momentum. His pounding heart dragged him out of the queue and chase the last compartment. Just as the last coach was about to leave the platform behind, the handle bars found a tight grip.

 "Spice Jet announces the last and final call for flight SG 437 to Delhi, passengers are requested to proceed to security check"  Fanus rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"This is it - I am done, It can't always be about him, Its my life, and I am not going to be a coward like him - I am going to make it on my own - I was and always will be on my own, I don’t need him I don’t  need anyone. So much for spending so many years together." Fanus brooded.

"Is it over, Sir"?

"Can I get you a refill?"

" You can't - once its over, its over for ever" he said still looking at the empty cup.

"No Sir, there is a lot of coffee ,I can certainly get more" the steward offered.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls it a butterfly" Fanus smirked.

"Uh sir I don't understand" he said.

"Forget it, please, get the check please" Fanus asked gesturing with his fingers to the waiter.

"But Sir, we have …" the waiter insisted.

Fanus Mistry finally looked up and said "My friend, magic only happens once, my cup of joy is over, and now I've to pay a price for it, is it too difficult for you understand?"

"Uh oh yes, Sure Sir, I will get it right away" he said and trotted off.

The waiter walked towards Fanus with the check in hand and got interrupted in between.

"Give me the bill" he said.

Fanus was about to sign the check but noticed a few words scribbled

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

"I do, I really, do love you"

He looked up and saw Cyrus standing.

Endless streets walking by
Empty eyes on lonely skies
Raindrops fall on rolling tears,
Someone finds and someone fears.

They look, but don’t see the realms,
Lost  in thoughts & missing dreams.
A lonely star shows shares the load,
Lighting hope through cross-roads…

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