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Gathered under the crescent moon, Waiting for her to come back soon, A withering look scratching traces. Flickering candles light their faces.
Music keeps the jungle humming, Broken tides keep on coming Cries a woman under the hood Time never cared or understood.

The stories are woven from molten gold, As fortunes made and dream are sold Yet the magic lies sparsely strewn
Find the path or fade away soon.

Gyanban Thoughts :  just a few lines about a female gypsy and her wandering mind and the longing soul.The journey she travels and the life she marvels ,the rocks she stumbles and the feelings that crumble....


Watch the flaming sun Burn the road Eyes left in lurch Miles go by in search
At the station Crowded raindrops Leaving static trains Watching moving people
Minutes clock moments lost Watches non stop Blink of an eternity Waiting for you....

Gyanban Thoughts : Listening to Misha Safi's magical rendition  -Chori Chori  - scribbled a few lines. Waiting and longing for your beloved induces intense emotions when every one  and every thing else around you is talking...but your re not listening re just waiting...

Love Lock


I'd walk with you to the gallows
in sunshine or rain,
If you could exchange your sorrows
for love and rid pain.

I'd walk with you to the cliff
braving storms and waves,
If you could exchange your past
and rewrite it again.

I'd walk with you through fire,
or on burning coal and nails
If you could exchange your scars
and paint your life again.

I'd walk with you to die,
just to add one more moment,
If you could exchange your death,
and live once again....

Gyanban Thoughts : This new year,I start by dedicating a few lines to those departed,those broken hearts and endless tears of lost lives and relentless pain.If we could just turn back time once and save so many lives....#Peshawar,#Malysia airlines,Air Asia,Terror attacks and many more....