September 17, 2009

Bought Nought

The mega sales letter never changed my life,
The magic pill never worked in strife,
The weight loss program never lost weight,
The curse of the forward never lost sight.

The lottery money never got to my account,
The huge bulge never stood out,
The sexy blonde's never came,
No luck with the additional k in my name.

The Virgin Mary never cried,
The promised Lord never arrived,
The CD collection never made sense,
The book affair was simply past tense.!

The stocks never made me millions,
The rider was always lighter than the pillion
The diet plan actually made me a fat pot,
The hot sexy chatter turned out to be a bot,

The eternal flame,
Is now an pseudo-name,

the reality fame was just so lame,
the dream bus never reached my lane,

what a shame.. we're only remembered when in a frame.

Gyanban thoughts - well it is a shame that we let such adverts drive our existence,and further shame that intelligent people actually get caught in the web.Consumerism will dictate where,how and when we die someday !

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