September 23, 2009

Yuppily Married

It s been a long week,
my boss has finally left for a vacation,
I am tired - yet relieved about the situation,
Just as I am about to leave my cabin,
Mr.Yuppie pops in with a broad grin.

Lets hit the bar and meet the babes mate,
we can go on a double date,
Life is about taking chances,
O please learn to appreciate the subtle nuances,

Life is about fun for singles,
you get to mingle with the jingle,
Late Evenings turn into long nights,
this is the party life.

Why do you waste your time
without any reason or rhyme?
why sulk and stop the flow
it s time you let go...

Yuppie tried this Yuppie tried that,
he could never figure out my habitat,
So perplexed was he,
that he innocently implored me,

don't bury yourself with work all the way,
today just might be your luck day.
Someone is waiting for you to dive,
get off the recording and see it live !

some more lures,
some more endures,
some logical arguments,
some plain pushy predicaments,

My patience was giving in,
I was about to gag him,
but I thought of asking him a simple question,
Upholder of the male bastion.

Why don't you go alone my friend?
there must be someone across the bend,
but he blurted he's reached a dead-end !

suddenly stud gave up his tales,
and lifted the veils.

my eyes popped out,
and my brain gave a shout,
I don't know what this is about,
must be playing it up without a doubt.

I feel alone he lamented,
no one to go home to he commented,
I miss being wanted,
i can not always be presented.

And I thought to myself,
I am not that harried,
'coz I am Happily Married.


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