September 29, 2009

Just for the KIQ's

It’s all about KIQ’s my friend,

you got to have it till the end.

some have have it,while most don’t,

some want to and some won’t.

sometimes in play,

sometimes in what they say,

sometimes in action,

sometimes in inhibhition

for some it comes so naturally,

for some it is a struggle culturally.

Capitalism has its root in KIQ’s

Socialism is at end of it’s wits.

So where does this leave the common man?

Who does his job the best he can,

He asks so how do I get this instinct?

I haven’t seen it in my precinct,

Can someone help him buy the KIQ’s?

Watchers think he is sick.

He looks near he looks far,

He sleeps with his door ajar,

Hoping to welcome the KIQ,

It still doesn’t do the trick.

He has small dreams and a small little realty,

He has a big heart with a logic faulty,

He is ridiculed and called a passionate,

His belief , proves his naivete,

He thinks his world is just perfect,

How is he ever going to get his KIQ’s?

Killer Instinct Quotient

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