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Such is Life vol 1.

You reach the office with a smile,
which only lasts for a while,
You open your now spamful inbox
you really need to detox,
but ahoy you deleted the bosses email,
now you'll surely hear the verbal trail,

you pray for lunch time to come early,
buy your boss is big and burly,
there's no getting away from that bunch,
he wants to have you for lunch !

Skipping the mail you slouch in your chair,
wallow in your despair,
but there's another ppt to prepare,
getting your mind back to work is a pain,
you hear the thunder clouds,it is going to rain,

The sudden happiness vanishes and you realize
you don't have an umbrella to raise,
so you get back to your ppt
feeling absolutely shitty

It s time for a quick coffee break
and you get a firm handshake,
your biggest rival just got promoted,
they guy your boss always doted,

This is it you think,
but laugh and wink,
ignorance is what you feign,
impulse tells you to resign,

the fellow losers come by,
crib ,bitch and time goes by,
You see the clock - 15 more mins
then It s time to go home - finish !

You rush through the elevator,
but your mobile is a rocking vibrator,
Bosses text reads lets have a quick chat,
your mind races on the last diktat,

You Spend two hours attentively agreeing with the boss,
looking interested,while thinking about Jaws
The plastic smile is now aching your facial muscles
the battering is in cycles,

8PM and you dont want to go home to hear the musical,
there s a new album playing there - suicidal.
The cabbies don't stop,
you ve to take the long walk,

Then it happens,
it leaves you shaken,
you see white light all around
your feet are not on the ground,

it feels sooo good,
You get the feeling of being understood,
there s a sense of calm,
soft hands applying balm

music in the ears, cool wind in the hair,
your eyes are closed
and just while you were getting used to this
you are awoken from your state of bliss,

The car just missed you
just pushed you,
and hit the tree behind you,
that's a stroke of luck for you,
then the branch falls on you..

you are intellectually innocent,
Such is life you vent....


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