February 3, 2009

Dream Chronicle 1

I've been toying with this idea for long..it s about "chronicling" the dreams that are best remembered..who knows someday they might begin to make sense ?
In many of my dreams ,I ve seen my self in totally alien surroundings...in someone else's family,watching over a regular every day scene, I can recall alarming details of the people, their outfits,their names,color of the environment,time of the day or night, and funnily enough as much as I know that dreams are symbolic representations of things/events from the past, none of the things that i ve seen in the dreams has ever occured in my life, or is even remotely close symbolicaly to the events in my life so far...

As an example - I would dream of Mr. X ,his family, his house, his environment in complete detail...without ever having been exposed to anyone remotely named or described like that in my life.

So i ve decided to capture as many such dreams as possible from now on...

February 3 ,2009

The scene - A big two storeyed house,sloping red roof ,large rectangle windows.
Feels like country side, some fields, looks like a small town actually.

The time - Late evening before sunset on a cloudy day, the sun is setting behind the house,

The place - somewhere in Africa,probably Nigeria [i have been there in my early childhood,however,the description above is nothing similar to the environment we lived in]

Scene II - I move into the second floor , see a corridor, with rooms on either side, the scene is now in black and white, i peep into one of the rooms to see some people sitting inside and looking at me with a "I-am-not-surprised" look !

Somebody is saying something to me in the background, muffled male voice, cannot make out what is it about ... that's all I can remember as of now...

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