February 4, 2009


It would be so interesting to know the correct way to lead your life isnt it ?
Career,Finances,Married Life,Kids,Responsibilities and the list is endless.
What I realize now, it 's just not about hunting and pursuing the right thing to do in life alone,it is also about
parallely making tangible efforts to kick start the effort. Otherwise it becomes paralysis by analysis.

I think the biggest fear factor is losing.If we can overcome the fear of losing then life would probably be much easier.
This fear stops us from doing or trying so many different things that life has to offer.
However , on the flip side, if we dont fear losing, we might lose interest in everything,nothing will enchant us, thrill us, scare us, lighten us,is that the life you want ?

So then what is the right path to true happiness.?
I thinking there isn't anything like true happiness. It s a perceived happiness based on the immediate circumstance one is in. our brain sets variable parameters for determining happiness from time to time.And we keep chasing those variables all our lives.

The insecurity that arises of not having the desired variable differs from individual to the other,in varying degrees.It doesn't help either if you have friends and family who don't necessarily understand your predicament.
No fault of theirs either because it s not they who do the evaluation of your life, it s you who lets these things affect your mind.

So in essence there are two ways you could deal with the situation -

1. live in the present,don't think about the future.
2. if you do think about tommorow then do something about it today.

Either of these actions might be a futile excercise if you do not keep the function of time in perspective while executing these activites...

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