February 19, 2009

Life Opposites

if you had two keys, you always open with the wrong one,

if you are patiently waiting in a queue ,some will always get a cab before you,

if you wanted to sneak past the boss's office door,

he will be waiting for you ahead on the floor,

If you eagerly open your emails for the impending promotion,

Buy your eyes pop out when you see there are escalations,

If you made up your mind to quit,

Boss throws a new carrot stick.

If you fired a guy for wrong doing,

HR comes back to you for being overbearing,

When you don't appreciate your boss' yell,

It's because you don't understand the culture well.

You decide to go have a fat free lunch,

The queue is so long , you land up with a pizza brunch.

The juicer grinder goes bonkers just when its your turn,

You get fed up and eat the Big Mac bun.

The day goes by without hoping much,

when you get the cost cutting crunch,

and then you think your savings will sail,

just then the ticker shows the markets fail.

Life has a fork at every bend and gap,

nobody really has seen the whole map,

so stay on course even if you fall,

someday you will climb over the wall,

the opposites might do the trick,

maybe He will give you the success stick.

Gyanban thoughts - often times when things are difficult..it almost seems like the whole universe is conspiring against you.Everything you do ,say,write - goes against you. Nothing seems to work. That is when the opposite life is at it s best.The longer you hang in there,better the chances to come out trumps,and turn around the opposite to your side.


Say it only if you mean it -

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