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March 24, 2009

Dream Chronicles Vol 3

Had a couple specific dreams again over the last few days.

It s about noon, with some clouds - there are two buildings about 5 or 6 floors each ,facing each other, the design is like a semi circle , the visual is like a green film on a camera, light green to dark as we look inside,somewhere inside there is a ball of light,there are two sets of people,in either building or structure, each trying to communicate something incoherent, i am watching them stare at each other with anger but no words come out...

i have a feeling that the solution to their situation lies within me or with me or else why would I need to be there at that location ? also somewhere i got a feeling that is scene is happening ahead of our times somewhere in the future...

Analysis - Well - i haven't seen any futuristic scifi movies of late, neither have I seen any such remarkable buildings other than workplace,nor do I hold a key to any significant problem.! in my conscious life.
I have no clue why I have these dreams.Especially when I am totally disconnected with the events happening in the dreams....I guess will find out someday...

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