March 30, 2009

Life book

I think we should all maintain a life book.
It should be a list of things that we want to remember and learn from.The people who have affected our lives,or changed our thought process.The good things that have happened to us each year of our existence.The bad things as when we sum it all up in the end or even periodically,we know how we stand in life.No bull shit.

the reason this thought came to my mind was because I figured we are always wanting...ok cribbing ! Our systems environment [for lack of a better expression] is so designed that we are driven into this want cycle.Not having this want makes us feel bad.Chasing this want is the sole obsession of this about not want for a change? How many times have we curbed our thoughts with I don't want this ?

It also seems to me that people are attached to each other because of wants.There's some need quotient or need index every one has..and is attracted or repulsed in accordance to the availability of it.How many people do we know in our society today who are wanted even if there NI is low ?Or how many people with a low NI have many people around them ?It s usually nature that they re left with !

We need to exit this want cycle somehow.There's got to be some kind of mechanism to work around this...not get distracted temporarily but to detach permanently? The NI is so high...that right at this very moment my mind is revolting..saying naah...this is for the folks who ve probably lost it...the impatient mind says dont wory you can have this no want status after you ve got everything.So keep at it till then.

Some of my thoguhts say how many have the courage or opportunity to do this ..or think like this when the immediate need of the hour is to say save your life or feed your child or else...for them all of this flies out of the window...philosophy is best left to airconditioned offices or study rooms for them.Page3 philosophy.
So not having a philosophy is a wise idea? I dont think so.No matter what our want index scores, there s some element which whispers or screams as the case maybe,about our state of mind,body and actions.

Make a difference to someone somewhere positively...positively somewhere someone will make a differnece for you.

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