March 31, 2009

Past Time Passed

Somehow,there's a strong pull from the past.There's a strong urge to go back in time.I don't know why.It is such a dichotomy,that I am perfectly happy and content with present and worrying about the future,that from time to time I have this intense desire to go back in time . What if we had a chance or a choice to relive our lives all over again...chances are we would do the same things that we did back it is a part of our inherent personality.However, if we could go back in time with the knowledge and information that we have as on today....then it would be interesting.Imagine this - if all the people in the world could do this...history would be re-written.

While most people would change their mistakes or wrong decisions, the other set would re-work their failures or enhance their evils.They would eliminate the reasons or factors for which they got caught or booked by law.The knowledege of their downfall will make them rework their plans and wreak newer and even more deadlier evils.So then the cops or the anti evils would also change their approaches accordingly.With the knowledge of how their fuguitve got away or plotted something evil will help them better plan tactics to apprehend them.

So you see the history will be certainly re-written again...however the pattern will be the same.Only the variables might change.
In effect, we might be in the same situation that we are in now! So it is better that we live in the present...worry about the future and certainly leave some to the X factor or super power, or God however you may choose to address it.

Beginning and ending are pre set.It 's the journey within which needs to be taken care of.Largely dependent on cause-effect.And some of it depends on stuff that we dont know yet or understand yet....

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