April 3, 2009

Dream Chronicles vol. 4

From some strange reason yesterday i ve had 3 dreams back to back....and each time I got up thinking I must remember to write it down...and now when I am finally getting down to doing it - I don't remember where to start !

Well scenario 1. was something to do with telekinesis..it 's somewhere in the evening and i am running into the forest,there are dangerous objects in the way,couldn't quite identify what exactly though,however as they come close to attack me i could change form or shape...
again,that's particularly weird because of late neither have i read or seen any science fiction movies which might have had a subconscious impact on my mind.

Scenario 2. is where I see that I am in a train,seeing the platform pass by,and this train is inter connected right till eternity.IT is such a long train that one cannot see the engine,something like it fades into the white light ahead.I am running inside the train,and I see some familiar faces but dont particularly recall anyone in particular.But I get a feeling that they know me.This scenario is set in the afternoon.Here s the quirky bit - I see some objects in the train,something like pink rectangular shape or square shapes,I saw the same shapes the next day when I was going to work ! Now my mind might be connecting the dots here, but the shapes that I saw on my way to work were exactly the same color shape and material [something mettlaic] How odd is that? But it is true....

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