November 2, 2009


Everything you touch turns to gold,
my heart bleeds and no one to hold,
Everything you do is a miracle,
my work is such a struggle,
Everywhere you go you are revered,
my life has no one bothered,
Everything you say is measured,
my voices are unheard.
Ever thought of lending an ear,
my life won't be in such a despair,
Ever thought of granting a wish,
my needs are genuine not a fetish
Ever thought of coming down to Earth?
you could be surprised of your worth.
Ever thought of being stuck in a traffic?
my computer could show you the gory graphic.
Ever thought of paying rent?
my pocket can't even afford a tent.
Ever worried of getting fat?
my tummy swells just like that.
Such is my life o dear God
show me the way or take me aboard.

1 comment:

  1. very sweet verse.. a dash of humor and some somber notes.. and thats how I kept oscillating as I read..


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