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Eve's Teasing

It was the year's biggest blockbuster releasing and the hype attached to it made sure the crowds came in huge numbers.The queue was long,and the crowd impatient,a couple of girls were sandwiched in a largely male crowd. Needless to say they were feeling uncomfortable with all the pushing going on. It did not help when some of the authorities started flexing their muscles to get the situation under control. More pushing ensued.

Joseph was also standing in the same queue and getting equally frustrated with the proceedings, so much so that he even thought of leaving the queue, but decided against it. There were just about 10 odd people in front of them, including the two ladies couple of feet ahead.When the jostling got worse, he went up to the ladies in front of him, and said " excuse me, If you want I can buy the tickets for you, and you can stand outside this queue". Before he could feel that he did a good job for the day, one of the ladies yelled at him to go away and gave him a dirty stare,as if he was some sort of a pervert.Joseph was totally stunned.

After the ordeal was over Joseph was driving down back to a local mall,while he was turning his car to enter the mall,he saw an elderly lady and a young girl were crossing the road without looking.He gently braked and got his car to halt - the passing ladies looked at the car and stopped as well, being the gentleman Joseph,he gestured with his hand to indicate it was ok for them to cross the road, and silently said "please carry on". The old got absolutely furious at this.She misinterpreted the gesture to be something rude and yelled back at him.Even the little girl frowned at him and crossed the road with a huff.Joseph could hear them cursing him faintly as they crossed by.Joseph was speechless.Whatever happened to chivalry?

Dejected Joseph went home and slept in the afternoon out of sheer disgust.He shrugged it off convincing himself that it was just ignorance on their part.A promising evening lay ahead of hi. In the evening he had to meet his date and wanted to make sure he didn't carry any of his morning's disappointment .So he took a shower,changed into fresh clothes,put on some YSL M7 and drove out to meet his friend..who was not yet in the girlfriend status, but today could just be the day.

As he parked his vehicle outside the hostel compound,he felt a bit nervous.After all they had recently met and this was the first time he was entering a girls hostel.But Rupali had promised him, that she would be at the gate waiting for him.

She wasn't.

Gathering his courage ,Joseph stepped inside the big gate on to a narrow path leading to the main building entrance.There were girls.Lots of them.Looking at him, measuring him from head to toe,he could feel the ogles and faint snickers as he walked slowly past each block.He didnt know whether to look up or down, look relaxed or tensed, he was getting really nervous now.He decided to walk a little faster.

As he approached the steps leading up to the waiting hall, he saw a bunch of hostel mates sitting on either side, each commenting on the other or cracking jokes.Somewhere he heard a girl talk about the virgin walk,somewhere he heard cackles of Romeo jokes,and somewhere plain noises.
Well not plain noises, they were pretty suggestive noises.This made him feel really uncomfortable.Joseph was not the effeminate sorts by any stretch of imagination, but he was't the bravest one in alien situations either.He muttered under his breath - "be a man" he said quietly and walked up.

One of the ladies on his left was clearing her throat.Obviously trying to get his attention.So he looked up to the condescending lady and gave her a stern look with a polite smile,radiating poise and confidence.Before he could take a step further,from a distant blur he saw a lady walk up to him and stand bang in front.

"May I help you with anything ?" said the condescending woman with a subtle sense of seduction.As he looked up,he saw an Angelina Jolie reincarnate - he was stunned.His mouth went dry.He didn't know whether to smile or ignore.Time stood still.He somehow managed to say some words vaguely,with some blurry eyes, and his heart beating fast...By the time his blurry eyes came back to focus,he saw the angelic face had turned devilish, absolutely red with anger. By the time his senses came back ,there was a loud noise and a heat sensation on his left cheek.He remembered what he said - "err uhh umm mm I ..I want to come inside.." and before he could correct himself, his face got plastered with a tight slap.The echo was loud and everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at them and just then Rupali walked in...

image courtesy :glamourindia/Twinkle


  1. A nice read. So, the view from the other side of the table looks like this then...

  2. Well written dude....

    If i may take the Previelige of suggesting u something, i would say diversify ur writing in terms of themes of your stories.

    I agree that i have not read all the posts on your blog. I have read only the last 2 of ur posts (the reporting incident and this), but both of them hav similar theme of giving some last minute jerk or ending it with some non-logical ending. This will look good occationally but not always.

    Anyways, good luck to u. Even i am new to blogging. Felt like giving some 'peer review'. And thanks for visiting my blog... :)

    Cheers... :)

  3. Excellent point Krishna.And totally agree as well.

    However, I must also confess that i am just evolving as a writer,and have a long way to go before I can fluidly write other genres.

    just a aside note - lot of my compositions are very close to reality,and in many cases it has actually happened in the same manner as is written.!

  4. I often feel sad about this topic - Eve teasing. In India precisely, girls are treated as articles to be stared at. No matter how worse the lady might look, men stare at them. This is quite evident from the gestures they exibit on the roads. The issue - Eve Teasing is a result of such attitude. But, it is not wise to regard every other man as a pervert. There is a handsome number of men who are truly caring for women in public places. It is just very absurd to escalate any gesture towards a stranger lady as Eve teasing. A very good narration Gyanban; made me stick to the post till the end! Enjoyed your writing style.

  5. @neeraj - Well since we keep hearing about women getting teased, I thought about writing something about us poor men..who,albeit rarely, but do get teased as well sometimes.

  6. Hi. First time to your blog. I think you have left a comment on mine a while ago.

    The issue you have taken up is a very serious one. I just wanted to say one thing - by calling it 'Eve Teasing' we are somehow diminishing how terrible the act and experience really is. As you have described in your narrative, even men experience this at the hands of women. And women have become so wary of it that they are losing the ability to recognise help when it is genuinely offered.

    Teasing implies gentle humour, ribbing and is done with affection, probably by friends or family. It does not humilitate, invade your personal space or victimise you. By calling it 'Eve Teasing' we are sugar coating what is really Sexual Harassment. A serious offence in the eyes of the law and society.

  7. @ Deepa - thanks for dropping by and I appreciate your comment.I can understand your point of view and agree to a certain extent.

    What you re suggesting is correct for the actual issue stand point..and something which i strongly subscribe to as a person.However,this post is not about Eve teasing.

    I think you mis-read the post,and in case you have not read it in detail-

    This is a short fictional story,with light irony and a dash of humor.It is about men for a change.:-)

    Therefore a comment about depicting eve teasing as a lightly used term or issue is not warranted.This not a post which articulates that in anyway.

    As the title suggests it is Eve's Teasing...not Eve Teasing.

  8. I stand corrected! Isn't it funny how we see only what we want to see? :)

  9. @Deepa - no worries.It happens to all of us at some point in time I guess...:-)

  10. a few good men left on this planet finally end up paying for all the bad done by a few bad guys ... its painful that people pre-judge others so quickly and the story is a good aim at the changing attitude of people in todays world...
    nice work friend...i suggest there is a scope 4 a new group 2 formed...v can name it 'the masculinists' -jus like those least some1's taken d initiative :)

  11. Welcome Bujirox - and i agree there are a few good people everywhere in every sphere of life.I know a few people like that, and it gives me great motivation to get up everyday and get on with my life.

  12. Ah, to replace teasing and the defensiveness that seems to start it with genuine caring. What we all crave.

  13. @ Sandy - thanks and welcome !

  14. stumbled across your blog

    thanks for a nice read :)

  15. @sorcer - Welcome and thanks for dropping by...

  16. Welcome and Thank you survivor.

  17. Great Story Man. :)
    Keep Writing.

  18. Welcome and thanks Arpit !

  19. I found it good. Quite a good way to start my day.

  20. Well i am glad you liked it Mr.Brokotoky.!

  21. quite an interesting read! ahem!

  22. Welcome and thanks for the follow Meghpeon..I quite enjoyed reading some of your poems.

  23. @gyanban, ah! dhonyobad :-)

  24. Well its the story from other side....and maybe it might not be so common as wid women but i agree dat men do face such own friends have faced it and previously we used to laugh it off...but nt exactly something to joke on...i liked the read...good job...

  25. Hey nice post ya...loved it :)


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