December 29, 2009

Fight Back Fight - Ode to Ruchika

when protectors become the aggressors,
when time becomes crime,
when life runs out and outruns itself,
when hope dies and death is the only hope,
when love cries and cries my love,
when pain lives and lives in pain,
when a tear is shed and shreds fear,

it's time to fight back and back the fight.


  1. Very well written. I specially liked that last line. It reminds of somebody saying that not only is the positive attitude of " i'll do it" is required, but also the right plans (fight the back) to do it properly is equally important.

  2. Thanks Krishna.

    The title has two meanings to is to fight back, and the other to back the fight.Both are equally important to win a battle just like the Ruchika Case.

  3. It is said that the “Mahabharata” is the greatest book ever… echos of it can be found in events down the ages… but what is not there in this book… is not found anywhere.

    An event described in the “Mahabharata”…”Draupadi’s vastraharan”… is an event… perhaps. It is also an example or even a metaphor. On the “decadence” of society, on the norms of culture and the decadence of “dharma”. “Dharma” is is not “religion” as we understand today. It is “rightousness”.

    If people deviate from “dharma”… what eventually happens or what their failing to do their “dharma” leads to… is shown very well through this one event/metaphor.

    As Lord Krishna too mentions… in the “Bhagavad Gita”. A society which stood by silently and simply watched, did not react nor protested… on such a shameful event… the “vastrahaaran” of Draupadi… on the “apamaan” (dishonour) of the Queen of Hastinapur, the daughter of King Drupad… an extraordinary woman, a major and important personality in her own right… what will such a society do when ordinary people… including ordinary women are subjected to ill treatment, injustice and torture.

    It will shatter a society and give rise to all kinds of ills.

    Therefore, Lord Krishna advises Arjun and all of us… to do our “duty”… to uphold “dharma”… without thinking or worrying about the “result” or the “aftermath”… failing which we are doomed forever. We should not blame “external” factors for the failure or the decadence of society… it happens due to our actions… only.

    Unfortunately… his words are being echoed in our society today.

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