January 2, 2010

Yes we can

Yes we can,go on a diet plan,
we always plan,to go on a diet plan.
If breakfast with bagels and waffles
would loosen all those stiff muscles,

If donuts or cakes and pastries ,
got rid of some calories,
we could eat with a smile,

If steaks could make us walk a mile,
Duck roast and Cantonese noodles
could make us loose oodles,

If we lost weight eating tandoori chicken and pomfret,
we could ask for another helping without any fret.
Pork chops make my heart flutter,
just need a dash of lime and butter,

Smoked salmons and scallops
would compensate for all those push-ups,
Some vodka , blue cheese and caviar,
would make my waist look thin from near or far,

If Blueberry cheesecake and creme brulee
would make us agile like Pele,
It would be nice to have High cheekbones and six pack abs,
what if we could eat six fat lambs.
there would be no pressure
to get the desired Hour glass figure,

if only we could have strawberries and whipped cream,
with extra topping and still be lean,
alas this is just a dream
with a dash of sour cream,
like all dreams some day this too will come true,
till then i 'll make do with my little chicken stew...


  1. Nice poem :)

    P.S. Here's wishing you a Happy, Safe, Wonderful and Prosperous New Year!!!

  2. Thanks Roshmi - wish you the same. !

  3. Wonderful thought and beautiful poem!!
    Liked it!! And it was tempting too! :)
    Wishing you a very happy new year!! :)

  4. Thanks Shilpa ! and wish you the same !

  5. good poem.....

    But i guess i am on the other side..i love food and just cant resist indulging...mmmmmm...i can smell something out there.. :)

  6. Great poem :) Thanks for the visits to my blog. I'm coming back here for more too !

  7. @krishna - thanks and I can fully understand your predicament.!

  8. @Corinne - thanks for the visit and the follow.
    you are most welcome !

  9. Hope you lost a few calories writing this lovely poem.

  10. Even the thought of this made me gain a few pounds :-)
    Thanks and welcome Sowmya!

  11. A lot of good things in life are either banned, illegal or not good for your health! sigh :(

  12. @Ashwini - couldn't agree with you more Ashwini..

  13. Even the thought of this made me gain a few pounds :-)
    Thanks and welcome Sowmya!


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