January 4, 2010

Resolution Road -

Most of us look forward to a new year.A new year brings a new perspective,and along with it a new resolution.

Each passing year, we start, stutter and then stop...just to start again the following year.how many of us can boast of a resolution achieved? I am sure there are exceptions, but the certainly not the rule.A good majority would have made a new resolution on January1 ,2010.Some would have renewed, some engineered and some not taken at all.So why do we land up making resolutions every year?

Why not start with no resolution for a change? Read carefully. No-resolution for a change. Let us resolve to stay the same.The most common factor missing from every resolution stopped is resolve, discipline.So If one cannot resolve to keep a resolution why not have a resolve to not have a resolution? At the very least you will develop a sense of resolve and discipline.This too requires an effort.Most of us in the comfort zone, just adjust.Most of us really adjust to whatever is thrown at us...and move on. We are all gung-ho about a resolution at the beginning of the year, but as days progress we find more excuses to not follow it. That too tells a story about yourself.Don't make a resolution for the heck of it.Chances are you ll break it as soon as you created it.

There lies the root cause of "chalta- hai" or "it's ok" or "whatever" attitude. When this collective attitude adds up it forms the personality of a nation.Then how can we expect a change? That's how the people of the world identify you,your race or your country as whether or not there are exceptions.So, for those who think they are not like this,they fall under the exception category - but they too get sucked into the situation whether they like it or not.Because in the larger scheme of things, we are all one. So action is for everyone.The do'ers and the not do'ers.And unless we collectively correct this..no resolution will be resolute enough and no change will change your life enough.Yet we make it a point to crib,criticize the system for ever wrong that has happened.We criticize our leaders for not running the country properly - what are we doing about it ? We cant even run our lives properly ?

Sometimes people are like the Ostrich,with no disrespect mean't to Ostriches, who covers her head under a rock thinking that her whole body is covered as well.Unfortunately the part exposed is always the part that gets hurt.Yet we continue to crib and complain about everything..and keep doing the same thing again and again.That's how we form the fabric of our society and therefore of ourselves.

Take a random example.Just like this post. Some will read and think, this is a nice read,and forget about it.Some will think how idealistic...and move on.Some will find faults and move on and some will just read the first and last few lines and leave a comment...move on.We need to look at us first before we comment on others.

Another reason why many resolutions fail is because there is no tracker.There is no measure.We do not know what we set out to achieve whether we are close or far from it ? And where do we exactly need to improve? How can we measure that change? how can we know how we are faring against our resolutions ? I have made a list of changes I would sustain from now on - Here is an example of how one could track your resolution - read the explanation below.

1I will not criticize -If I cannot correct it 1 0 1
2I will not comment - If I cannot add value1 0 1
3I will not give excuses - If I cannot do it.0 1 1
4I will not dirty -What I cannot clean1 0 1
5I will not discourage someone -because I cannot do it1 0 1
6I will not cheat because someone cheated me1 0 1
7I will not break a rule because I am lazy to follow it01 1
8I will not feel superior by making someone feel inferior0 1 1
9I will not package if I don't have content02 1
10I will not let anyone stop me0 1 1
Grand TotalWhat's my score.5 6 11

Give yourself 1 point for every Yes and No.At the end of every week, add up the score to see how you fared against your resolution index. Either there would be more number of yes - which means you are adhering to your resolution,so you could reward yourself with what you like the most. Alternatively, there could be more number of No's so you know you are defaulting, and know exactly where to improve the following week,are you willing to discipline yourself?

Even if you discontinue doing it - that also means something isn't it? Then next time you crib rant or complain you clearly know where you stand in the scheme of things. Since there is no right or wrong , true or false to this - it just tells you how your are.These simple results also tell what kind of a person you are,determined,lazy, procrastinator or simply an excuse finder,whatever maybe- you know who are, maybe you can fool the world but if you are fooling yourself,just remember the day you wake up - it is going be a very rude awakening and can happen sooner than you can imagine.This also translates to the society as a whole.If we continue to carry on our lives without resolve without any discipline ,we are setting an example for the wrong kind of a ripple effect...and as time passes by you will for sure find yourself making another attempt at making a resolution the next year.

If we as a collective society make ourselves better human beings from what we were the previous year, I think that in itself will contribute to a mass improvement. Which in turn will benefit us and make our resolve stronger,longer and effective.

Remember when you start to cycle,the first pedal is the most difficult and requires the maximum effort.But once it rolls.it becomes progressively easier.

History repeats itself because people don't learn from it.

Gyanban Thoughts - this post is simply trying to remind the reader to have an accountability system in their lives,a sense of discipline,and courage to follow what you have decided.It gives mental strength to know that you have lived up to your expectations.


  1. First and foremost "A Very Happy New Year to You and Your Loved Ones"

    I guess I fall in the category of people who do not make resolutions or rather does not believe in making resolutions. I tried once, but ended up breaking it within a month, so now its "no resolutions for me".. I believe in taking day as it comes, doing whatever good I can and when I can, and try to be happy.. :) And honestly speaking I am happy doing this :)

  2. Wow!! A very profound and thought provoking post!!
    And I am taking some lessons home from this!!
    To start with a tracker for my Blogging Resolutions!!
    Thank you!! :)

  3. You got be kidding me!!!

    two things that coincidentally were straight out of my mind..."if we all just tried to be better human beings"..."u can fool the world not yourself"

    the most fundamental questions is, who has the desire to be a better human being dude????

    everyone wants to be big, rich, intelligent, loved, etc etc etc

    In all humility, I think the problem is everyone aims for the sun and forget somewhere down the line that sun is nothing but a star that burns itself everyday to be as bright as it is...make a diff at a small level and it will create the ripple effect you wrote about...ok and before I go on a philosophical rampage......let me take a pause here!

    Jokes apart, between you, me and some others like us....lets shrug the atlas, its time [if you know what I mean :-)]

  4. Well Dagny - not all are aiming for the sun in this world.
    Albeit there is nothing wrong in being big,rich,intelligent,loved etc etc. It s just that people tend to forget that there is life beyond that.
    Those who maintain that balance are truly happy.
    how to find that balance is the question.

    Atlas never existed unless you created it.So if you have to shrug it off, then it is really up to you.

  5. Very well written i must say! Makes u think!All the best to u and ur new year resolutions!

  6. Welcome and thank you. - I am guessing you know a thing or two about scrambled eggs by now...;-)

  7. I never understood the significance of resolutions. Resolution needs strength of mind and not a date methinks

  8. @SSD You're right,strength of mind is independent of time. !

  9. Resolutions are meant to be broken. When as an individual we cannot keep any resolution how can we expect all human beings to be nice.....atleast for one day. Well told..nice post.

  10. Happy new year to you Old Monk.
    I guess what I m trying to say is -if we have accountability chances are more resolutions will not be broken.

  11. now this is a very interesting post...that table looks scary though..few points are fine; but few - phew!!

    hope you have a great year ahead :))

  12. Your post reminds me my new year resolution for this time - i.e. to not to have any more resolutions! :-)

    Wish you a very happy new year!


  13. @Neeraj - Good for you Neeraj. Be Well.

    @Neha - Which ones did you find difficult?

    @Nikki - bit by bit builds a bridge ! Happy new year to you !

  14. I will not break a rule because I am lazy to follow it

    I will not give excuses - If I cannot do it.

    these two :D

  15. @Neha - havng no resolution can also be a resolution which requires a lot of mental strength !

  16. A profound and thought-provoking post.

    "Remember when you start to cycle,the first pedal is the most difficult and requires the maximum effort.But once it rolls.it becomes progressively easier."

    Very true indeed...

    Have a great year ahead!

  17. @ Roshmi Thanks and a very happy new year to you.

  18. loved your closing sentence. yours?

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, the new year resolutions are more tangible, pedestrian and less idealistic - like, i'll gym for an hour everyday or will reduce intake of carbs or give up sweets or shall read a atleast one book a month.these resolutions are usually kept - mebbe for one month:-)

  19. @kochuthresiamma p.j - Thanks and am glad you liked it.

    have a great year ahead.!

  20. hmmm I found this post worth twitting to my friends. Can I ? I do not make any resolutions but yes change in attitude is essential. Introspection and shedding off what's not me. did a post on that recently. great work here.
    Best for the new year.

  21. @Tikulicious - yes please. Yes this post is not about resolutions, it is about accountability really..hope you have a great year too..


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