January 9, 2010

Morning never shows the day...

The sun was showing itself off in full glory.Not a cloud in the sky.There began my journey.

My predecessors had told me,this would be the hardest part of your journey.such was the design of the plan that there could be a chance that I never got selected.The very thought of getting left behind made me ripple.But i was determined.My size was small...but my spirit high.I was determined to reach the top.There was competition.Stiff one at that.But something in me told me I was meant for something else.Something bigger.As days passed into nights and moons hid behind the sun I was getting heated up from inside.Patience was not my strong point.But such was the design of the system that I had no choice but to be ready whenever it was the right time.

I was mentally getting ready for the long haul but the day came sooner than I imagined.I was absolutely thrilled..I was on cloud 9 ! The few who got in this batch were worthy competitors.They all looked well curved and well balanced.Deep inside a small voice told me, I belong.Thus began my journey to far away lands and exciting experiences.I didn't know what to expect but was more than energized to accomplish any task given to me.

Training was long and hard.Many new faces,places and races.I was not always welcomed by my seniors,they thought since i was so small I d not be able to live up to it.I'd probably drop off after some distance.They indulged me and secretly laughed at my trials and failures.Rude comments and scoldings were increasing by the day.

I was given the task of watching the path ahead,and alert of any obstacles on the way.I was so determined to succeed that I made all arrangements to stay awake in the night and do some prep work.I worked really hard,sat up all night watching every possible hurdle that came and went, alerting when needed ignoring when unimportant. IT was about time the sun showed up it was a long night.Suddenly a fight broke out between the seniors.

They fought like thunder and lightening.It was a big chaos but I couldn't make out what was the issue..there was a loud jerk and i was all shaken up.Every one had become quiet.something had hit us.It then dawned upon me that I had failed to alert the oncoming obstacle.!That was it ..this was the moment I dreaded.All my efforts would be wasted.I was scared.

Next day,I was called and asked for an explanation.I kept quiet and nodded to all arguments leveled against me.I shouldn't have left my post no matter what.But I did.Dejected I went back to my place.Little did I know what lay ahead of me.

There were many obstacles that followed, same loud jerk and shaking and I felt even more guilty.Till one day the loudest jerk happened, every thing was shaking, we ran out of our places,there was chaos,I didn't know where to go,everyone was running.The places begun to crumble and I was thrown off....

I was falling and falling really fast, many of my friends were with me.They too were scared.But something strange happened just then.the more we fell the more pleasant we felt.It was no longer cold and windy..it was a touch comforting warm.We looked at each other in disbelief.What was happening? how could imminent death feel so comforting.?

As we looked down, we saw many trees,plants ,birds and a whiff of fresh air went through us.the last few seconds were the most frightening and I think I d blacked out.When I opened my eyes, I was resting on a rose petal.I thanked my lucky stars.The journey from cloud 9 to the rose petal was an eye-opener.

Indeed morning never shows the day.!

- Droplet.

Gyanban Thoughts - this could also be read as an autobiography of a droplet..it s emotions,fears,thoughts,and final moments of glory are all captured in the words.
If you have the time, then read the post again keeping in mind that it is a tiny droplet
speaking about it s life,you just might enjoy the post better.


  1. beautifully narrated.
    but - forgive me, i'm a little dense, is this a dream? or a symbolic narraation?

  2. this is a fictophil narrative...
    thanks for dropping by...

  3. sorry but ye thaa kyaa :|
    kuch khaas samaj nai aaya...
    sounded more like something abstract.. :s

  4. hmm lets see.

    it is a story of a single drop of water from waters to the sky and back down on earth as a dew drop....

  5. Understood your story from your last comment only :( Sorry for that, but well written with quite some imagination. I also liked your blog template very much with the nice titles that you have added for each widget!Co-incidentally, after you posted your comment on my blog, I stumbled on yours without knowing that you had visited mine :)

  6. Thanks unboundspirit for dropping by.You have a very good template.I saw your post on indiblogger and dropped by to check out the post..

    Am glad you understood the post.:-)

  7. Beautifully narrated. But I was able to understand the story after going through your comments...

    You have some imagination indeed :)

  8. It's fair if one's not understood the narration.I appreciate and respect that feedback.

    However, one request - if the reader has not understood - please don't leave a comment saying beautiful narration ! It becomes an oxymoron.:-)

  9. Well, after going through your comments... I understood what it was all about. Then I read the post again.

    Thereafter the compliment: beautifully narrated :)

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog...may I ask you when is the Singapore Indiblogger meet?
    You have a wonderful blog, BTW

  11. lovely flow... liked it.. and am game for the sing blogger meet.. tell me the date and time.. ill be there

  12. @ Roshmi - thanks for understanding.

    @iIndrani - please refer to indiblogger.in forum page and reply.
    Thanks for appreciating my blog.

    @Chriz - thnks buddy. Please visit indiblogger.in forum page to participate.

  13. "Indeed morning never shows the day.! " Just beautiful..

    One of the messages that I derived from this story is "The challenges that we face is not always an indication of the end result"

  14. Hey GB, came over here from ur comments on Corinne's page on my guest post.
    Thanks for taking time out to comment. And your pointers make a lot of sense too. I remember at one stage, being compared to someone else really ticked me off.I can surely add your points too to my list.. thanks once again..(chotusworld)

  15. @ nikki - you understood just right.... :-)
    What we begin with is not necessarily what we end up with.!

  16. @ Chotusworld - am glad you liked it. Having a low need for approval is good thing !

  17. That is why every day could be a new beginning.. lovely narration.

  18. @aativas - thanks am glad you liked it.!

    everyday can be a new beginning if you truly believe in it.!

  19. Dude.....really well written...
    Through out the article, i tried to guess what the intention of the article was.
    In the beginning i thought you were explaining the journey of a professional in some very hard task (like a person getting into military training and initially getting ragged by the seniors) and how he overcame all the hurdles and became successful.

    Then i thought you were writing about a software professional because u hav used the term 'IT' for 'it'.

    At this stage i thought u have exaggerated the life of a software professional by explaining it with such intensity.... (frankly i dont beleive we software professionals are under such tremendous pressures as depicted in ppl's minds)

    Then, i understood that it is not about any human being....it is something different.. but didnt get what it was about..

    After reading the comments i understood it is the journey of the dew drop..the whole process of evaporation and precipitation..

    Beautifully narrated dude... excellent...

    keep the good work going....

  20. I have 1 more thing to ask.....wat does the picture u've posted indicate.. i didnt get the relationship... :(

  21. @Krishna thanks for a detailed read,very few people do that these days...appreciate your feedback.Here are my thoughts -

    Software professionals are under pressure mostly,either on deadlines for go-live,or getting out the bug report, or even selling software...I ve been a part of this process and can vouch for the pressure it generates.!! :-)

    "IT" was just a typo nothing else.Thanks for noting it.Shall have it corrected - I value this because most my writings or choice of words have an underlying meaning.the reader is advised not read my articles in a jiffy.the true connection will happen only if you ignite your imagination. - see even that was loaded. In case you didn't note, by ignite your imagination I mean't remove all preconceived notion.

    As for the picture, the water falls on the light below,some of it gets evaporated and some of it gets recycled to the top..either way it is a journey..which is also the essence of the post..and also the essence of life.

  22. This is beautiful. Somehow I could understand both the pic and the story without having to look at the comments! :-)
    This post reminds me of a Hindi poem back in school days (it was called 'Ek boond ki kahani' I guess!). This too was about a falling rain drop, fearing for its future, and ending up as a pearl.
    It's my first time around your blog, will come back to read more... Thanks for visiting my blog too! Keep visiting!

  23. @Aparna -Thanks and welcome!

    Yes I somewhere recollect there used to a poem like that...don't remember which grade i was in though at the time...

  24. I enjoyed the bites really!Especially the taste of the droplet..:)..You are a really creative writer must say..
    Keep the good pieces coming!

  25. Thanks Vibhuti..I am glad you liked scrambled egg ! More servings to come...

  26. This is an amazingly inspiring post. Keep posting.

    P.S. "this is a fictophil narrative...
    thanks for dropping by..."...heheh...was that intentional?

  27. Hi Rishi thanks for reading morning never shows the day...

    yes Fictional philosophy or fictophil is something i categorize a few of my posts...
    what was intentional dropping by or fictophil ?

  28. This is a post one wants to read again. I did. absorbing piece. very well expressed. Came to your profile from Indiblogger and your comment on my blog. Great to know you. will read a post a day :) best wishes

  29. @tikuli - gracias...yes this was a bit of a complex post as you can see most readers too some time to figure out..I did too, took some time to write it.! Thanks for the follow..and would appreciate critiquing my posts as well.

  30. @ nikki - you understood just right.... :-)
    What we begin with is not necessarily what we end up with.!


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