March 31, 2010


‘Was I or was I not brilliant yesterday?’ asked drunken Ron Jaffrey.

‘yes’ said Mrs.Jaffrey.

‘Am I or am I not the best lawyer in town?

‘yes you are’. Said Mrs.Jaffrey flatly.

‘I got that slimy bitch, acquitted, for murder – got the judge stumped on a technical loophole’ exhaled a victorious Ron Jaffrey.

‘we all knew she did it’ said Mrs.Jaffrey indifferently.

‘that’s is exactly why it was a work of art – doesn’t it make it more brilliant ?’

They looked at each other intently.

Ron Jaffrey’s face hung low.He broke down and cried on her shoulder...and said…

‘The baby sitter Mrs.Jules slit two children two hours ago….’!!

Gyanban thoughts - Sometimes in our quest for success we forget the basics.The foundation, that brought us to where we are today can easily be the platform for our destruction.It comes back to rudely shock you..but it is too late.Doctor's ,Lawyers,are most prone to these situations...but it is applicable to all.

- this one is dedicated to my fellow lawyer bloggers.:-)

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  1. hmmm, interesting..true, usually professionals are more prone to this situation!

  2. totally agree wit this. sometimes it happens too often tht one eventually becomes numb to the real consequences...:-(

  3. cut throat times call for dog eat dog kinds
    the soft nicer ones get mauled as collateral damage?

  4. @Meghpeon hmmm indeed.

    @Neha exactly. thanks.

    @7-aTe-9 - true and by the time they realize s too late.

    @bina - welcome to scrambled egg ! such is life isn't it ?

  5. I had thought of this template before... but its too painful to customize...:D

    interesting story.... :(

  6. Yes agree...however, i liked the white background...let me know if you come across something more open to make another change...

    thanks !

  7. Yes very true. We just have to keep ourselves in check :-)

  8. Reminded me of a 55-word fiction although obviously this story is longer.Nicely written.
    At least this lawyer realized his mistake even if it was late.
    In most movies the lawyers seem to feel no remorse at all.

  9. nice story
    i liked the moral of the story

    ps:stumbled across this blog

  10. Welcome to scrambled Egg Sorcerer. well thank you -= am glad you liked it.

  11. Kind of reminds me of the criminal lawyers who defend the corporate when they are caught with their pants down when defending industrial accidents a la Bhopal.
    Liked the story

  12. What's in a name indeed. The names are fictitious but the message is real.
    Am glad you like it mi lord.

  13. How did you cutomize your toolbar at the bottom. Wibiya is not telling me how to

  14. What is it that you want to customize ?

  15. Not just profession... It can be in relationship too. We get blinded and biased due to influence of emotions. If in profession it is quest for success, in relations it is quest for securing the relationship and saving the grace...

    Simple, short and neatly conveyed the meaning.

    P.S > 1. The header looks nice.
    2. Please activate the name/url option for commenting helps lazy guys like me to avoid login to the google :P

  16. Your writing is really good.. and I thought all this while, that lawyers were boring people ;-))) The post also made me sad to think people enjoy 'winning' more than 'truth winning'.

  17. @LR very true - good observation.Thanks and am glad you liked it.

    I liked the header because it conveyed something deeper...
    Well if a post is worth commenting then I would login. :-)

  18. @writerzblock - welcome to scrambled egg.! Thanks for the appreciation.We are a society that is designed to think winning is the only thing.Now who wants to be a loser? Tough pick ?..however, there could be something in between - and finding that balance is what life is all about.

  19. A nice read as always. Reminded me of the movie "Humraaz"

    P.S. Nice template.

    P.P.S. I have to read your ghost series next. Seems interesting...


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