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A crowded bus and beautiful eyes
A packed train and flowing locks,
A busy elevator and an enchanting perfume,
Keep me close to you.

A brush by the copier machine
A touch by the reception desk,
A tap for the occasional excuse me,
Keep me close to you.

A finger on your favorite top,
A soft wave on the satin cloth
A lingering finger on the mall escalator,
Keep me close to you.

A black Russian by the bar,
A circling finger on the rim,
A sensual lip on the glass tip,
Keep me close to you.

A raised arm to hail a cab,
A sublime slide for the ride,
A stop to think of the day gone by,
Keep me close to you.

A steam that touches the walls
A light shower when the darkness falls
A bed to love your dreams
And a watcher who follows those realms,
Keep me close to you.

Gyanban Thoughts - somebody's dream is someone's nightmare.People look at us, follow us, but we rarely notice,until something happens.This is one is for all those beautiful people out out..someone's watching you.!


  1. standing in the empty coffee room,
    there's no one around but i'm not alone,
    what is this strange lil feelin,
    it feels like someone is watching.

    crowded streets and lonely lanes,
    i hear the footsteps of an unseen being,
    is this superstition, my left lid twitchin,
    whose eyes are those, that are always watching.

    fine hairs raise at the nape of my neck,
    how do i fight an invisible attack,
    my imagination or is there heavy breathing,
    is he behind me, the one who keeps watching.

    nothing is wrong but somethin aint right,
    this chest of mine is suddenly too tight,
    haunts my dreams, afraid of sleeping,
    blind them, those eyes that are secretly watching....

  2. there is something dangerously sexy bout em "watchers". how nice it wud be if they all looked like brad pitt.... lol

  3. @7-ate-9 - Wonderful spontaneous lines.You have carried on the mood of the poem very well.

    watchers and brad pitt persona dont quite go together.I think Kevin spacey,Depp or even Charlize Theron and Rene Z would make for good watchers.

  4. Ooh! That's beautifully expressed. And 7-aTe-9's rejoinder is just wonderful too!! :)

    Being watched is one scary thought that sends chills down your spine!! I guess, it would not be restricted just to watching!! :(

  5. @shilpa - yes indeed , 7-ate-9 is very good writing poetry.

    not finding out who's watching can be a bit scary....

  6. Wonderful lines... and so is 7-aTe-9's rejoinder.

    We have quite a few budding poets in the blogosphere... I must say.

  7. whom are you watching? ;-)

  8. Wonderful Work Gyan & 7-aTe-9

    Being watched and stalked is very scary indeed, though being admired is what everyone secretly wish for :)


  9. That was nice Gyan! Keep it going.


  10. fundu poem...gave me a chill....

    Stalkers ughh..maybe I have read too many thrillers off late involving stalkers.

  11. Loved it....
    and you know...
    Loved it...
    yea, loved it one more time....
    Yea, loving it still.....
    Guess, will read it 2mrw again......
    lemmi read one more time...
    mmmm.,...thnk i have to bookmark it.....
    how abt a case study?
    what is the solution when we feel that our comment is not enough for the post...

    Stumped by uniqueness and originality ...
    One of the best verses i have read in recent times....
    am blogrolling u..
    Finally , one more thing..... loved it
    and yea, am reading it again...
    i will do it again after commenting....
    lemmi click 'post comment'....

    But what can i do, .... loved it

    ok stopping.....but :) :) :) :) :) :)

  12. @Roshmi - good to see you back on Scrambled Egg.
    Yes there are a lot of good poets around, I certainly don't fit that bill by any stretch of imagination.But thanks for your appreciation.

    @Meghpeon - am watching life go by these days..what about you?

    @Shail - thanks I shall try my best to keep it going.

    @sudeshna - hmm and...I really dont know what happens next.

    @LazyP - take a chill glad you liked it !:-) Yes I was contemplating writing a satire or a tragedy next lets see...

    Mahesh K - your comment challenged my low need for approval.Somewhere lurking in the corner,there lay a shy writer,who felt nice at the such exuberance.:-)
    But seriously,thanks a lot, and am glad you liked it.

  13. Dude....too good... as creepy as it sounds....i love it....:D

  14. @Siddhesh - Thanks glad you liked it.

  15. I hope no one wants me to keep them close to me atleast the way you said :P. As usual its good :). I m so repetitive but cant help :D.

  16. @Harini - judging by the response from some of the readers here, it seems it is a good thing !! about being repetitive, if it is about leaving a comment, you needn't worry.If you like what you read, it s good enough. like i ve said before, some posts dont warrant a comment - so be it.

    thanks for spending some time on scrambled egg.

  17. :) you are being watched




    a virtual shadow

    walks beside you leaving heart prints on every page you fill


    GB you got a huge fan here

    love it and each time I read I love it more. filled me with strange feeling. :p

    Also loved the ones on comment thread.

  18. Cute, if this watcher is one person whom we secretly admire....

    Scary, if it's a lot of strangers, we don't even notice!

    First visit to your blog....I like the experience.

  19. @tikulicious - gracias, much appreciated. You re right the comments thread tells a story as well...:-)

    @Tanvi - welcome to Scrambled Egg. Two sides of a coin aren't we all ?

  20. Hmm cool.. I was actually feeling 'watched'

    keep writing..

  21. @aria - hmm thanks for dropping by.

  22. Scary creepy ominous feeling reading this poem. Sensory overload!!

  23. @Ritu -he he sensory that expression!

  24. Bouquets, loads of 'em :)...strangely I actually like the thought of it, being watched...if only I could erase the thought of all the horror stories :)

    the way being watched is described in the poem is a delighful or maybe that's because of the author, eh!

    I love what 7-aTe-9 wrote, her magic with words is inspiring...and hallelujah if they looked like Brad Pitt!!!

    me like, me like!

  25. Mme. taggart - very kind of you to drop by and share your thoughts. am glad you liked it.!
    for you and 7ate9 I shall send a special request to convert all stalkers to look like Brad Pitt...but till careful.~!!

  26. You have inspiring poems/thoughts. Where do you get your ideas? Just from looking around you? Have you ever thought about using a xml sitemap generator so that more people will come to your site?


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