April 22, 2010

A Bit Of Life

I lose a little bit of me everyday...
every role takes a bit away,
only pictures remind,
for a bit,I can rewind,

the bell that rang...
the run that followed..
the lunch box I gulped...
the friend who helped..

where are they now?
lost bits somewhere somehow...

the strings I strummed?
the nights I hummed?
the song I once sang,
the feet that danced,

where are they now?
lost bits somewhere somehow...

why can't I splash the rain?
feel breeze in the train
aimlessly walk the roads,
exploring all the cross roads

where are they now?
lost bits, somewhere somehow...

where is that first feeling?
the goosebumps so thrilling,
the tender first touch
which meant so much,

where are they now?
lost bits somewhere somehow...

I lose a little bit of me everyday,
every role takes a bit away,
those lost bits on the way,
somewhere seem to say,
please come back to us
just one more day...

Gyanban Thoughts - often in life,we get so caught up playing roles,duties,responsibilities that we tend to forget who we are.Our lives become transactional, scheduled..planned..that we forget what it is like to be carefree.. hassle free..just like in our growing up years..enjoying every little bit that came our way.So take some time out,and be with yourself just for one day,where you have no role to play..just spend the day with you.

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  1. So true. I'm the sort of person who gets very disconcerted if I don't get my 'me' time often enough. we always need a break to spend some time ourselves! thanks for the reminder :)

    btw...is this template new or have i just been absent for too long? there are so many posts i've missed in the time i wasnt around :|
    will be catching up as soon as i get a breather in between! :D

  2. Beautiful words to convey a wonderful message.

    It is so difficult to find time to be ourselves amidst the never stopping need to be role hopping every moment of our lives.

    Having said that, it is just so important to find time just for ourselves to be able to enjoy life just the way we love it :)

  3. @nikita - Yes Nikita - you have been away for long indeed.This is a new template...but no longer new, if you know what I mean.I would be glad if you find the time to read the older posts.Thanks.

    @Chatterbox - we keep running and somewhere leave ourselves behind...someday we should catch up with ourselves...
    thanks am glad you liked it.

  4. Oh wow...I was just thinking about this...to just let go of worries and responsibilities for a day and try to be just me...

    Lovely poem Gyan :)

  5. The poem is simply wonderful! This made me sit up and think, as if someone has just spoken out what i was feeling inside:-).Will just be me for a day and feel how it feels again!Thanks!!

  6. beautiful poem!I think of this everyday.....you've given beautiful words to my thoughts.

  7. A lovely expression! Made me think of that poem by W H Davies...What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare!! How true it is!! :(

  8. i could feel every word....
    splendid expression...
    sublime and soothing ....

  9. I feel that I am losing a part of myself everyday too. Sigh.

  10. We are all on the same boat ! Good one.

  11. very true..
    we fail to acknowledge that part in most cases
    good one!

  12. @LazyP - thanks am glad you liked it. You should really try it you know..

    @sudeshna -- thanks am glad you liked it. - what stops you ?

    @MagicQuill - thanks am glad you liked it.

    @shilpa - thanks am glad you liked it.

    @Mahesh - thank man - wonder what stops you from taking a day off with yourself?

    @Raaji - Why so ? take a day off and figure it out.

    @tap - welcome back to Scrambled Egg. thanks am glad you liked it.

    @Sorcerrer - thanks am glad you liked it.

  13. reminds me of - "what is this life so full of care , we have no time to stand and stare.."
    -robert frost

    well written!!

  14. My search for Me time has me now sooooo far away from my family and friends, but now I'm at peace and so are they seeing me at peace..Guess we all need to realise that we do justice to ourselves and our needs and we can prevent the snap...:)

  15. very nicely written .. expresses something that all of us feel in simple words.. perhaps what went by is sweeter coz we can not have it back ...

  16. @heena - thank you and welcome to Scrambled Egg.!

    @journomuse - welcome to scrambled egg.!!Yes time passes so quickly..somewhere we need to stop and think the why's and the where's of life.

    @aria - thank you,it is interesting you put it that way - coz mostly people would say what went by was bitter,what is to come might be sweeter...

  17. @SRA - thank you sir.am glad you liked it.

  18. Hmm...This gave me food for thought. Lovely words.

    I hope I gain a little bit everyday though. From every person or place I come across!

    PS: lovely blog.

  19. @Choco - welcome to Scrambled Egg!! thanks and am glad you liked it.

  20. Simple, beautiful, well served food for thought. loved it . Keep sharing

  21. How you have expressed yourself is wonderful.. Seriously, Its been sometime since we have been without a responsibility or without our mind being preoccupied. Love this blog. Blogrolling so I can visit often :)

  22. @tikulicious - yes I will and thanks for reading !

    @Vibhushan I am honored.Thank you for your kind words. yes it s only much later in life we realise and regret on missing out on so many things which could ve been done without much effort...and end conversations with if only....


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