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Milestones -3

Read Milestones -4

The weather had cooled down further, must’ve been around 7 degrees with the wind chill factor. As he walked uphill he saw a small waterfall. The water gushed across the road down the hill. He couldn’t cross it – not by jumping over it. As he stood deliberating ,he saw two little children nonchalantly walking towards him.

‘There’s cold water here…can’t you see? How will you cross ?’ Don pointed.

The children looked at each other and started to laugh. Their laughter echoed in the quiet hills. Only the occasional gust of wind running through the trees disturbed them. Don was puzzled at this behavior. They were not even wearing shoes. They could catch a cold and without medication might even die. Don’s mind raced with a hundred possibilities.

It was obvious that they did not speak the language or understand Don’s sign language. Don felt completely helpless. He stood there watching the two little angels play with the cold water at their feet. They didn’t seem to mind the cold bite. They were not even dressed in warm clothes.

Within seconds the two children had walked across the gushing cold water. Don put his bag pack down and sat on the road. The children were now taller than him.

‘why did you cross cold water like that? Don’t you know of other short cuts or alternative paths? After all you live here, you would know this area better than me.’

The children got a little scared. They were quiet. Don looked into their dream-filled eyes and wondered why were his so dream less? Where did he lose his dreams ? Why did he lose his dreams? The children moved back a little and spoke among themselves in an alien language. Don gestured that he could not understand.

He didn’t understand the children. The children spoke some more and then walked away. Don started to go behind them but stopped. His mind told him that would be going back.

Don opened his shoes and socks, picked up his bag pack and splashed his way across the waterfall.

As the water flowed beneath his feet he felt a sense of joy and happiness. A sense of calmness spread through his body. He closed his eyes and lifted his face and let the waterfall sprinkle a joy on his bruised past.

His hurt soul flowed with the waterfall...

Gyanban Thoughts - As moments pass new past is created every second.If life is a cycle, your past will meet you in the future. The only way to deal with this is by accepting the past gone by...good or bad, hurt or happy.Let it go, let it flow out of you every second.We need to keep this cycle on to travel light...otherwise the journey of life becomes heavy and bogs you down with your past.

Don crosses this hairpin bend fighting the conflict in his mind.He contemplates going back to his past rather than embracing the new hurdle... isn't that what most of us do when we see yet another hurdle ahead of us.? We go back to our past experiences and trigger perceptions in the mind. Sometimes embracing a hurdle with a neutral state of mind is far easier a task than dealing with the demons of a known past.

Tomorrow, we will see what the next hairpin bend has to offer?

Read Milestones - 4

PS - I ve added some music to go with the read,something that inspired me to write this piece.If it hampers your reading experience,please scroll down to the bottom of the page and stop the music.



  1. lovely....Gyan you are one hell of a story teller....
    I was blown away by this part...
    I have a habit of holding on too past learning to give them up...
    Your story gave me inspiration...
    Do you know your Neighbour?

  2. Well am so glad it did LazyP. And it is difficult to let go..but if we dont then we cannot move forward in life....

  3. Letting go is such a relaxing feeling. We do tend to keep all our pain, disappointments and anger bundled up in our heart

  4. I love your style of writing

  5. Beautiful message there :)
    I am totally loving the way this beautiful series is shaping up.
    A reminder of things we need to remember to keep our lives simple and uncluttered is a wonderful idea.
    Keep 'em coming!!

  6. "Sometimes embracing a hurdle with a neutral state of mind is far easier a task than dealing with the demons of a known past."

    I totally agree with u on these lines.. Very profound yet look plain simple.. :)

  7. You are sounding like Paulo Coelho now.

  8. @Ritu - thanks for appreciating my work.

    @chatterbox - thanks am glad you liked it.

    @sushobhan - something easier said than done isnt it..

    @ Oh come on - I am just an ordinary blogger- and you are most generous with your assessment.

  9. It's beautifully written. You have a knack of weaving words in a magical story. Awesome !!

  10. what else do i say that i havent said? i wish I could but, but u will have to do one thing for me - just give yousrself a pat on the back :)

  11. Kids crossing the cold waters ...adverse 7 degree temp.hardly effected their spirits.Teaches me something here.

    Don noticing their dream filled eyes....this guy is very observant..ain't he ? lemme find out

  12. @binzy - thanks and welcome to Scrambled Egg!!

    @Tavish - thank you for your kind words.

    @kavita -Amazing adaptability or stark ignorance ? Everything around Don is alive,in fact it was always alive..just that he never noticed it.

  13. Dear Gyanban, you are by far the best!!!!i was busy&couldn't come to the blogging world the past few days and when i came,what a treat from you!!!!

    " He closed his eyes and lifted his face and let the waterfall sprinkle a joy on his bruised past"

    I could feel the cool water sprinkle on my face.....

  14. And yeah!I luv the music!!!perfect mood for the story!

  15. @MagicQuill you are most kind.Thank you for appreciating my work. The waterfall falling on his face was a symbolic gesture of past hurts being washed away..and that he had begun to let go...

    Yes the music is truly engaging isnt it. I keep listening to loreena quite often...her music is divine.

  16. You are quite a storyteller... I tell you!

  17. To let go pain is not easy, we can only cover it with other deliberate emotions...and keep on covering !! Very well written, keep moving on.

  18. gb: once u let go and go w/the flow- all else falls in place

    His hurt soul flowed with the waterfall...

  19. @Roshmi - thank you so much for your kind words.

    @LonelyPlanet - Easier said than done isnt it? Yes next part is a little closer to the final destination.Hope to see you on the next bend.

    @Bina - Yes,letting go is important for our own balance isnt it ?


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