July 12, 2010


Hidden should be the thoughts

Hidden should be the feelings,

My love travails a difficult path

Fragile is the hope that brings,

Feelings, overt Feelings.

Hidden should be the emotions,

Hidden should be the passion

My body engulfs a silent flicker

Delicate is the path that awaits

Soul and it’s overt feelings….

This poem is about conflict of aspirations versus reality.Often in life we are in vulnerable situations,where the mind and heart contradict.The desire to go ahead on the path is strong,and so is the knowledge of reality behind us.It is therefore a choice some make to let go, and some forgo...

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  1. Oh, so very true! Nicely done!

  2. the overt nature of truth is hard to hide ... thanks for your contribution to this week's prompt.


  3. wonderfully done! gonna follow ya....especially afta da BAT 12 post that you crafted...simply awesome...wish ya luck! tc! :)

  4. @Tavish - thanks mate.

    @Raaji - thank you .

    @Abha Mida - dont hesitate to say if you didnt get it.!

    @Tumblewords- thank you for appreciating.

    @JP/Deb - WElcome to Scrambled Egg!! Thank to you for a wonderful prompt.

    @Maverick - Welcome to Scrambled Egg!! Thanks a lot,am glad you connected.

  5. Wonderful! :)
    I love it!

  6. The background to the verses, added to the beauty of how the expressions have been coined! :)

  7. Hey, didn't know you are also an OSI writer...:-) I met you over at Blog-a-Ton...;)

    Nice meeting you again at OSI...

    and this poem of yours...wow...you're not just a good story writer, you're also a wonderful poet...keep writing and sharing...:-)



  8. Am there. Been there. Beautiful poem. You say it perfectly.

  9. @Amity - yes I try to participate as much as time permits, though I d like to read more. Some of your poems are really beautifully done.Am quite glad to have comes across your blog.

    thank you for your kind words.

  10. Welcome to GyanBan - thank you for appreciating.

  11. Beautifully expressed Gyan.

  12. the poem is subtle in its meaning and for me that's appealing.

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