July 15, 2010


‘My love for him will prevail – I promise’

‘I will share my love for him with everyone.’

‘But how?’ What else can we do?

'We don’t need to….when inspector Sahib is here for us’

Next morning the beheaded inspector was gift wrapped for the Jharkhand police station.

A solitary note read – “we head – not you”.

Gyanban thoughts - This micro fiction is based on a true incident.Naxals beheaded inspector Francis Induwar to avenge their beloved leader Kobad Ghandy's arrest.

The title is a mix of two words Gift and Grief.

image courtesy :desktopnexus.com


  1. Gruesome and brief! A good 55er

  2. What do i say? Its a different perspective to the violent episode...

  3. Very disturbing!
    Wonderful title to this power packed story :)

  4. brilliant in its abruptness..but dat how fiction 55s r i guess...likd it! Tc! :)

  5. Good one! And I agree with CB. Disturbing!

  6. Oh!! That was hard-hitting!!
    Liked the coining of new word...Grieft! :)

  7. reflects the confrontation of isms with extremism as a metaphor

  8. @Ritu - painless death dont you think ?

    @Lakshmi Rajan - Did not follow your comment.

    @Chatterbox - thanks,appreciate it.

    @Maverick -Yes kind of a kneee jerk, but thats the idea.Thanks

    @Niveditha - thanks mate.

    @Shilpa - thank you.

    @Mahesh Kallal - why as a metaphor why not direct?

    @Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky - Just my sentiments.

  9. first two lines- masala kam
    Lines 3, 4 , 5 , 6 - yummy!
    Last line, Title - Perfect Yumm
    Over all - Balanced diet.
    Appreciate your concern about such issues. Cheers

  10. Oh, what a sudden revelation, a twist..you made me think..

    Thanks a lot for visiting me and leaving your encouraging comment.. You write so well and beautiful..

  11. @eyeswideopen - thanks for a slicing and dicing compliment.!

    @Ramesh Sood- Thank you for your kind words.Am glad you liked it.Welcome to Gyan Ban!

  12. I liked the fact that you explained the title. Often writers come up with innovative ideas but the readers might not understand where the writer is coming from.
    I am new to the world of blogging so I'm just browsing through random blogs. I like the no nonsense title besides this post.

  13. What a twist in the tale... I'm speechless...

    Gift + Grief = Grieft. Hmmm interesting...

    P.S. Nice template... and I guess I have quite a bit of catching up to do...


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