July 26, 2010


Another sun in the sky below
Not for the birds flying low
Ground beneath feels so high
Elation smiles with a wry
Lost in the people world,
Slowly I forget why?

GyanBan thoughts - these few lines are for OSI prompt Angel. 


  1. Nice verse, but what has floored me is your Nirvana Gyan.

    Only perception can change people - not reality.

    Wow! Can I borrow it?

  2. he he thanks Ritu. - sure you can.!

  3. Hi Gyan?

    What is Gyan? I should come back here out of curiosity but most especially I am enjoying youe posts ...:)

    Gyanban thoughts are wonderful!!!

    Btw, thanks for your constant presence in my blog....:)

    Please add me up at FB, I am Beng Bagasol there, Amity is just my pen name...:)

  4. excellent dude...btw wot is the font on top???

  5. @Amity - thank you for your kind words. I think you have a wonderful blog.Yes added you on FB,thanks for clarification.

    Gyan means knowledge, and Ban means stop - so this title is in sarcasm, to the world of knowledge, pointless at times, floating around the blogsphere, therefore is calls for a Gyan Ban. Someone who calls a spade a spade.

    @sid - thanks Buddy. I think the font is snapple, but let me get back to you on that.

  6. Hmmm ... did not get it. :( Liked it, but am not cut out to understand good poetry !! BTW ...the new layout and the name plate look awesome !!

  7. Hmmm! Intriguing, intriguing!

  8. Some 'People' are important. Therefore we must pick and chose who we give the ability to make or break us.
    I think you are going to like some, may be not all, but some of the things I've written about. I wanted to get comfortable in the environment that I'm in before I post anything that can trigger steep opinions. I'll let you know when I do.


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