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B positve fell short of delivery,

Anaesthesia is such a luxury,

Blood on the gloves forget,

‘Patient’ tears haven’t brusied me yet,

Dabbing the wounds,left a stain,

Scraping the gut, hasn’t started the drain,

Sinking beats slipping by,

Drying eyes search the sky,

Yet to see my life unfold,

Afterall I’m just 5 deaths old.!

Gyanban thoughts - The Doctors are still revered as next to God - but ask yourself - when did you last thank the Nurse ? Who stood by you till you recovered.Who took over when the Doctor was unavailable. Who kept awake because you needed the medicines on time ? Mostly they are ridiculed,and joked about,with sidey comments and senseless remarks more so, if it is a male nurse. It's time we evolve and give them credit.

The Nurse. These lines attempt to share the pain of these professionals,whom we very easily criticize or undermine.Rarely do we take a moment to see life through their eyes.Rarely do we take a moment to understand their mind.This post is dedicated to the countless medical professionals, who go through death, despair, pain on an everyday basis, and yet are expected to maintain their sanity.As if this was not enough - they additionally deal with ignominy.People just ignore or forget their contribution completely.

Think about those nurses who are new to the job.What are their emotions, their thoughts ? How do they get adjusted to death around them ? How do they manage to stay positive amongst this gloom? Sadly,many become insensitive or mechanical as a defense mechanism.How else does one not get affected ?

This post is a tribute to all those unsung heroes, who stand behind the scenes and yet play such a crucial role in our lives.

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  1. completely agree with your sentiments...any profession that deals with pain has to handle such a predicament.Lovely post.

  2. i agree with u GB.... when dad was ebing operated, he made it a point to thnak each and every nurse while he was etting discharged and they actually said this was the first tiem someone was doing this... its really sad... thnaks for writing this... hats off to u...


  3. Sad and beautiful. Very well pointed out. Some jobs just do not get recognized ...ever!! Thanks for a wonderful read.

  4. Wonderful :)
    You brought out the true picture in so few words :)

  5. I've never thought about penning anything on the work of medical professionals. I spoke a little bit about the relativity of our emotional pains to those of soldiers fighting at the borders in my post Martyr's. And I'm so glad to learn that you respect the work they do. And, you are taking action to help better the situation by writing about it and just reminding the people around you.

  6. Bravo! doctors are mostly like the generals in a war, sitting in their air-conditioned chambers and dispensing orders to the border, while nurses are like the soldiers who do the actual fighting and risk their lives (literally, since the advent of blood-borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B). And if the patient gets better, God gets the first credit(presumably for making the doctor and the nurse), second credit goes to the doctor, while the nurse is often forgotten as a mere subordinate.

  7. Nice one Gyan. I really appreciate you writing about the people who are rarely acknowledged and yet, are expected to carry on their work with diligence which they do!

    Keep writing like this.


  8. @Sharmila - thank you for appreciating, more importantly remember to thank the unsung heronext time you get a chance.

    @Tavish - that was a wonderful gesture, need more Men like him !

    @LEB - thanks for appreciating and recognizing.

    @Chatterbox - thanks for appreciating.

    @Sidra - thanks for appreciating - i will catch up on your post Martyrs for sure.

    @Doctoratlarge - Need more Doc.'s like you ,who respect and actually believe that The nurses contribute to the overall well being of the patient . Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    @Shail - glad you liked it.We certainly need to create some more awareness and sensitivity if we can do nothing else !

  9. Very different perspective! Liked it..

  10. True, mostly our thanks to them stops by giving some tips!

  11. beautiful....It means so mch to write about a profession thats virtually thankless....! :)

  12. Completely agree with you GB. Paramedics are the backbone of the healthcare industry. The Florence Nightingales are easily forgotten. Kudos for the lovely post.

  13. @aativas - thank you for appreciating a different perspective...and that is the sad part.Something which should be mainstream is sidelined.!!

    @SRAyyangar - yes true , sometimes even worse, people treat them as slaves.

    @Maverick - thanks am glad you identified.

    @RoflIndian - Think about it -there has been no FN like figure that the world remembers...

    @Sid. amen.

  14. Short and sharp. The concluding line "Afterall I’m just 5 deaths old" stings.

  15. Thank you GB...I myself am a nurse by profession and wish more people had the sense to respect nurses...

  16. Very beautiful. Touching and thoughtful and yes very beautifully written.. :)

  17. @ Purba - the last line was created to highlighted the irony,pain and helplessness of the situation.

    @Elizabethrinta - Welcome to Gyan Ban. Please accept my utmost respect for your much neglected profession.These lines are just a small way of saying thank you for all your selfless efforts. please continue your good work and dont lose hope or faith. If no one else, He is surely watching..and noting.

    @Bedlam - Thank you for your kind words.

    @Dhruva - welcome to Gyan Ban. Thanks for appreciating the post.

  18. thanks for bringing all the unsung heroes in the limelight, time and again :-)

  19. @Meghpeon - good to see you here after a hiatus. Thanks for appreciating.

  20. nice post. there are lots of ppl in this field who go unnoticed, who r taken for granted. u'll be shocked at the number of ppl tht my medical assistants and (untrained) ambulance drivers have saved. cheers to all the contributors "behind-the-scene". ;-)

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