August 3, 2010

Lights,Camera - Action.

My studio lights are always glowing.

She spins, clicks, laughs and swirls her hair.

Her hands are smooth,feeling the metallic bulge.

I look at her mischevious eyes and they tell a story.


I grin.


She’s got to be crazy,I manage to grin.


She starts to laugh hysterically.


Blood, spots the lens.

Gyan Ban Thoughts - This post is about aspiring models.Scores of these dreams get killed everyday under the arc lights. Exploitation is rampant and millions of cases go unreported.This story is of one such incident.On a separate note, just to tickle your fancy - the story is written with an open end. Leave a comment on who killed who ? What do you think ? The devil is in the detail read the words carefully.

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  1. the model shoots the narrator. all the while she was fiddling with the revolver. Sorry if I am using my words abruptly.

  2. There could be other possibilities.

  3. A 55 fiction with a murder and lots of suspense :)
    From the narration, I felt as if the narrator shot the model for she'd been unaware of what was going on in his mind. She was busy posing and the narrator aiming both the camera and the gun.

    I liked the way you added 'she'd been feeling the metallic bulge' to give it a feel of being the gun or her bracelet.

    A wonderful open ended tale :D

  4. I'm not too sure but the model may have shot herself in the end.

  5. She was supposed to be modeling, but "had enough". So one fine day while the shoot was on, she snatched the revolver from his pocket...commanded him to handover the camera to her...clicked a few pictures of him, "the way she wanted to" had a loud laugh and shot him dead. BANG!

  6. @dialoguewithyou - thanks for appreciating the story. Yes it is open ended.only the survivor can tell the true story.

    @Samadrita - Good guess, certainly a possibility.

    @nehha - looks like you are into numerology.Welcome to Gyan Ban.!! There was no sign of struggle in the story.But a good guess and certainly a possibility.

  7. This reminds me of the last scene from Road to Perdition.You are creating that desire in the minds of the readers - the desire to want more of the story. Great effect. Well done.

  8. @LEB - RTP was a good movie, but the director could not match his intensity like he did with American Beauty. I was tempted to write a long one, time was a factor.Thanks for your comment.

    @Meghpeon - much appreciated.

  9. I guess some other wanna-be model, the less successful one shoot the photographer. It is a very mean world.


  10. Her hands are smooth,feeling the metallic bulge.

    hmm, but the blood spots on the lens... don't know, i am not gyani!!!

  11. Suspense for sure..
    I think the girl is the photographer while it's the model who is killed (can't say male or female). Thus, "Her hands are smooth,feeling the metallic bulge" and "she clicks".
    Also there is blood spotted by the lens, so the person in front of the lens was killed.

  12. the build up to the story is like the model kills herself...
    "getting a metallic bulge...makes her mischievous
    she goes crazy and with hysteric laugh suddenly kills self"


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