September 21, 2010

Fragile Lives

He was old now,

Time flew by somehow,

white hair,wrinkled skin

told a thousand stories hidden within

No one cared, no one bothered now,

You reap what you sow and how,

Once the shining uniform glittered bright,

Induced unspeakable brutal fright,

How a soldier merely obeyed the law,

Killing a thousand jews without a flaw.

Gyan Ban Thoughts - This 55 "ficto-real" story is written in the form of a poetry.Evil Klaas Faber, 88, looked like an ordinary old age pensioner. But his white hair and glasses hide a shocking past as a bloodthirsty killer who volunteered for Hitler's notorious SS party and a roving Gestapo death squad, Faber was sentenced to death after being convicted of war crimes in 1947. But his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Faber was one of the seven Nazi officers who escaped from Breda prison in Holland on Boxing Day 1952. Since then, Germany has rejected the demands by Britain and other countries to hand over Faber , listed as the fifth most-wanted Nazi fugitive.

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  1. Brilliant gb...back here after a long time and it feels great :-)

  2. Wow! a very interesting presentation of how very different the service history and life experiences of every person is, though all look the same after retirement.

  3. Your research is lovely and the lines are very well written:-) keep writing GyanBan, keep writing and what you want with your writings shall happen. Good Luck!

  4. It was lovely Gyan. Keep writing poetry more often.


  5. Interesting theme you have picked up.Good read.

  6. A really good post :) I had been away from the Blog-World for sometime now. And this is the first post I read after returning.. and there couldnt be a better ComeBack :) Thanks.
    I love how every tale of yours has a dash of reality in it. And how you always show us the reality as well. I love the fact that your posts not only make us experience great literature but also bring us face to face with history, politics, current events and what not :)

  7. I feel confused about prosecuting Nazis. On one hand, I agree, justice is served, but now they are so old, it feels wrong somehow

  8. @Meghpeopn - thank you and welcome back.Yes it has been a long time since you last visited here. Hope to see you more often.

    @CB - they all seem to look the same, but in reality they are quite different aren't they? Thanks for appreciating the story.

    @Sudeshna - thank you for your kind words and best wishes.

    @Shail - writing poetry is quite difficult so I try to write only if I get the flow.Thanks for appreciating it.

    @The Fool - good to see you back - thanks for the appreciation.

    @ aativas - indeed.!

    @The west Wind - this post is turning out to be a re uninon platform of sorts.! Am glad to see you back in the blog world.You are one of the very early followers of Gyanban..and I really appreciate your kind words and appreciation. Hope to see you more regularly here on.

  9. You always seem inspired by real life people. This poem tells a story in 55 words. simply gr8!

  10. There are men like him who are yet to be convicted of the atrocities that they were a part of. There will be many who live in society with everyone unaware of their past. But little by little, maybe justice will be served against those Nazis.

    Great post, Gyanban.

  11. Hey gyanban!

    how do u relate things of the past so wonderfully?! I always feel inspired when I come to your blog. and there is some very good feel about this place too!

    Keep it up!


  12. me too here after a long time - good stuff! and as usual your footnotes are always informative..

  13. It was very vivid... though I felt it was not complete.. I probably need to re-read.

    Btw, if you like my post, please vote for it at Indiblogger


  14. You should publish yor poems-so heartfelt and the unique characters you choose to elaborate on -kudos!

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