May 4, 2011


A dark clouded dream on a fiery night
Teases the crescent moon
A veiled face hides behind the candle light
She lay still in the lovers coccoon.

They're walking in circles
Their lamps mask their faces
A cold wind caresses
The lashes of silken traces.

The smoke swirls up and then it dies
The crackling wood burns as it flies,
Shadows of the night are dancing,
Eyes meet eyes piercing.

Would you like my heart?
Would you like my touch?
A silent moon rolls with the lonely teardrop,
A waiting heart beats after a stop.

New lives are woven every night,
And fortunes kindle in the silver light
The tryst of the scarlett robe,
A pregnant truth flickers as a ray of hope...

Gyanban thoughts - Gypsies travel from one life to another, one world to another, carrying their love,pain or sorrow udner the hood of resilience.No one know where they came from or where are headed to,they just move on. I think we are all moving like them,from event to event, chasing the unrelenting final destination,and somewhere we find it will come to us in all it s glory and beauty.



  1. These poems are what I call "Simple yet juicy" :) Simple words giving so much meaning to the lines...

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. The black background is intentionally put by me so that as you said the lines of a photograph are accentuated well.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Lovely poem. At first I did not understand. But really got to appreciate after I learnt the context. Gypsies are fascinating folks. They are good subjects for fantasy stories. Most popular theory is they are from Egypt I guess.

  3. haven't been on my online safari of words and wisdom and am glad to begin it with 'Scarlett'.

    I'm very passionate about titling my posts, most of them tend to be strong symbols and literals of what the post is about and 'Scarlett' is so very perfect!!!

    It's just what reverberates the very backbone of wanderers...

  4. I guess we are all Gypsies since we don't know our final destination or the time. We just move on...


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