June 1, 2011


The woods were dark, deep and dense.The starlit sky hummed a tune so intense.They watched the firefly’s dance to the dew’s romance #love

Lips meet the lips unmet, aroma of the untouched rosette.#Virgin sequoias swayed with grace,fingers meander leaving a trace #ufascinateme

Close to the dancing lights,I stood watching in my voyeuristic plight.Her fragrance ignited my heart alight.She was to be mine tonight.#FML

Crimson dawn cloaks the starlit night,devoured flesh canvassed fright.
Memories flash,as moment’s lapse.Feelings trapped,my love gasped.

Crimson dawn cloaks the starlit night,devoured flesh canvassed fright.Memories flash,as moment’s lapse.Feelings trapped,my love gasped.

As the throat slit,her redness yelped in vain.The gash and gnash and the bloody vein.Arms danced in a mystic rhapsody,melancholy strain.

Her breast breathed so low,lips mellow.The dove flew from the scathing slew.Gentle drops of blood left a trace,replacing tears on my face.

The serum flows like a soothing melody,drop by drop enters my body.I lay on the table strapped;my heartbeats pound as the devil clapped.

    Gyanban Thoughts - This is a story written keeping the twitter word limit in mind.These are 7 tweets of 140 characters or less each.I would like to mention here, that the effort to write a story in the form of poetry was a deliberate attempt, but restricting it to tweet limit was even more fun,and should I say more challenging.There is a clear and strong story line with an intro,body and conclusion.There is an element of screenplay as well. The element of narration from the main protagonist builds the storyline.

    The story is narrated by a dying man on the execution table.His memories flas by as the lethal injection slowly enters his body.

    A crime of passion or a passionate crime ?

    image courtesy :desktopnexus.com


    1. I would like to think of it as neither but rather as the workings of a deluded mind.
      But it's wonderful how you crafted the whole post.

    2. amazing description! passionate crime imo.

    3. Beautifully crafted...you have a powerful vocab !

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