August 1, 2011

Unusual Suspect

‘I knew it. Bruce’s run away with the loot.’ Shouted Michael.

‘Now what are we going to do?’ asked a tensed Eric.

‘If we're Titanic,he has to be the boat it falls on.’

Michael turned around – ‘Calling the Police now.’

Click –Bang.

Smoke billowed out of Eric’s revolver.

… Eric fell down with a thud.

Gyanban Thoughts - Did Michael kill him ? Or Did Eric kill himself ? Did he die because he feared an imminent jail or did Michael kill him to stage a heist.This 55 fiction is a classic heist case. There is ample scope for speculation that Michael had something to do with Bruce not turning up with the loot, yet it could be Eric, and Michael found out about it.

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Who killed Eric?
Michael Eric shot himself? Bruce


  1. Loved the approach you have tried to portray here. I have some of mine, if you feel like let me know your views.

  2. @Abhra - welcome and thank you. Please leave a link to visit your blog.

  3. Hii Gyan, have always loved your twisted takes on USUAL themes..Brilliant 55er once again..DO visit me too..Am back to blogging..:D

  4. normally i hate loose ends...but this one has its own charm---got me thinking for a while on the possibilities!!

    nice place you got here :)


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