August 29, 2011

It's Time.

Now that the sun has set,
the "Anna" has been fed,
it's time to get back on track.

Rs.20 extra to reach office on time,
paying the school donation is no crime,
Parking fine,please dont take mine.

It's time for the external drive,
pirated movies and pride,
It's time for the fast net connection,
downloaded albums and devotion.

Need for speed or just counterstrike,
find the cheat code with a facebook like.
If exams are on with full tension,
find the leaking questions,
It's time for the Tuition classes,
A new opium for the masses.

I am so hungry skip the diet,
it's only to live, not cry at,
Extra cheese and diet coke,
my control is worthy of note.

It's time to laugh at the boss's joke,
Fall in line with every bloke,
Armchair policitcs and strategy,
I won't do a thing, but am not lazy.

Spot the accident on the road,
find the gap and dodge ahead,
Why get into this mess,
Dont I have enough stress?

Expecting wife, a shopping spree,
have a meeting,you re not free,
Watching serial , no fight,
Have an extra drink on the flight.

Cover the picture on the packet,
Light the smoke ,discuss the racket.
It's time for bed and inhibitions shed,
not tonight honey the mind said,

It's time for another day tomorrow,
It all starts with another sorrow,
but we get by with some conviction,
and on the fly
find time for some more personal corruption.

Gyanban Thoughts - In this brouhaha of anti-corruption, little does one wonder how we play hand in glove ,how you and I are a part of everyday corruption.Corruption to me is just not about money. It is about the mind.How we compromise and make a conveninet life for us and people around us.Just go with the flow.No one wants to break the chain, lest be ostracised and look like a total fool.

And we have our reasons. Ofcourse Anna could do it - but does he have to go to work every day & face deadline pressures,peer politics, and bosses tantrums? Does he have neighbours who just bought 3 BHK villas & remind him why a 2 BHK is so passe ? Does he have to deal with promotions at work? Or who got their faster , smarter ? Do his morning walk jogger friends remind what stock portfolio to maintain? Does he have to take a swiss vacation ? What about the 7 course meal at a 5 start restaurant? After all the festival season is on, does he not want a better deal on the washing machine ?Does he need not need the child to get into an elite school? Do his freinds remind him of why Reebok and not Sree Leather?


Chances are the answer is no for Anna. And the answer for you is an overwhleming YES. Face it.

While ,having a low need for all things material is probably ideal,but it is easier said than done for the upwardly mobile high disposable income gen X/Y of today.Our society is designed to be captialistic/material in nature - and therefore there s a vicious link to corruption in everyday life.
Money plays a big role in most peoples lives, but for us,it has taken ugly gigantic proportions in the name of growth and progress.

So until and unless we are prepared to change our mindset towards our everyday lives we will never end corruptiion of the mind and money thereof.The fear of facing consequences has to be dealt with firmly,collectively and repeatedly lest we get sucked in to the loop again.

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  1. Yes, the only solution in sight, change in our mindset. Well expressed!

  2. Yes, this is going to happen. That is why I was wondering what and why people were celebrating yesterday!

  3. Absolutely agree. It is as crucial to pluck out the corruption of our mind as it is to eliminate the corruption of money.

    Very nice piece.

  4. Kudos !! Three cheers!! ....and you have said it all!!

    You have hit the nail and hammered it in too at the right spot!!

    It made me smile all throughout the read and love that picture, it is so perfect a scene that you see every time you want some work done!!

  5. Came here after a long time. And am happy I did. A stark reality. A great post. :)

  6. We have to be wise about ourselves about our daily interaction with traffic cops, society and the govt authorities...if few people change...and few do not...we will be back to square one.


  7. Thank you all for your kind words.

  8. A plain, straightforward poem and message. I hope more people become aware of the vicious cycle of corruption.


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