September 4, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

I've to go on a foriegn assignment.' Sylvester lied.

‘How can you leave me now, after all I ‘ve been through’ Catherine sobbed helplessly.

She knew it was for Rebecca.

Two days later, Sylvester barges in to Catherine’s residence.

‘It’s all over.

‘VC’s backed out of the funding.’

Cathering silently smiled murmuring‘Thank you Daddy.’

Sylvester too wipes the wicked smile off his face.

Gyanban Thoughts - this is a micro-fiction revenge story. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! But here's the twist.I think we all thought Catherine told her dad to influence the removal of VC funding isnt it? But why did Sylvester smile wickedly? Think and tell.

image courtesy: here.


    1. Rebecca has relocated?

    2. That is the only way he can smile?

    3. Nicely written...Puts a smile on your face in the end...

    4. two probable reasons come to my mind-
      First- maybe he just lied when he said -it's all over.

      Second- maybe that was what he had wanted all along . to remove the funding.

    5. Was Rebecca 'Daddy's little girl'? ;)

      Will delve into reasons later!

      PS: Something you might like:

    6. @ Shail - he he good one.

      @aativas - even better.

      @Saru - thanks I am glad it did.

      @MM - Possible indeed but not conclusive.

      @Sidra - Not sure I understand the drift here.

      Thanks for the link - will visit for sure.


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