September 7, 2011

Sounds of Silence

Silence speaks and screams,
sobs and dreams,
it leans and seems,
that it smirks,irks,
It kicks and sticks,
then fires and tires,
It misdirects and misconstrues,
and then settles in virtues.

Silence speaks in portraits,
and mutes in faces,
it speeds the hearts,
and wipes the scars,
It shelters the fear,
and exposes the smear,
It listens to the breaths,
and calms the frets.
Silence speaks through the touch,

If it matters so much,
why do we need the words crutch?

Gyanban Thoughts - In this noisy world , talking world, we forget to listen.We are eager to talk and let our point of views heard,yet not stopping a moment to listen to all that is happening around us,within us.Go out there,and listen to yourself !

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  1. Lovely GB:-) Truly if we listen to ourselves,our souls,life becomes so beautiful and different. If we keep on listening to all the noise around,we get noisy too,sometimes mindlessly. Keep writing more peoms....

  2. Beautiful...I guess sometimes Silence kills more than words...

  3. Our minds can't be silent but our souls can be, Excellent !

  4. This is an excellent poem! I'm trying to give it as much attention as it deserves but somehow I'm crunched between work and pleasure. I cannot express how beautiful this piece is; the line "and then settles in virtues" is just so apt. I'd love to know more about your thoughts as you wrote this out and I promise to come back to read some more.

    PS: Sounds of Silence is an excellent album by Simon and Garfunkel with the title song being sounds of silence. An excerpt from the lyrics is:

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more
    People talking without speaking
    People hearing without listening
    People writing songs that voices never share
    And no one dared
    Disturb the sound of silence

  5. @Sudeshna - agree - we get so noisy at times, that stop listening to the true voice of reality check which get burried deep within.

    @Saru -yea the classic silent treament hits harder than loud screams.

    @Lonely Planet - We still dont know if death, rather post death there is silence or noise.

    @Richi Thank you for the kind words. Guess what, this blog is available online 24/7 ! :-) So please read when you get time and peace of mind.
    Yes, I have S&G in my collection. Though my favorite is Scarborough Fair.

  6. I know I love the song! esp the music for the bit which goes with the lyrics 'Rosemary and Thyme'...they have a limited number of songs due to their short time together but each of those are beautiful ones.

    If you're interested check out 'I'm a rock'. I think it's a fantastic one!

    Will drop by again :)

  7. the silence truly helps one introspect...beautiful silent poem :)


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