September 13, 2011

Barbecue Garnish

The teakwood tables were neatly arranged.

The stars did not twinkle that night.

The forks, knives, spoons lay motionless.

The Bordeaux lay still in the glass.

But there was some noise.

‘Ah the barbecue sauce’he said.

He garnished the brown sauce over the meaty red below.

Hush… usually Mr.Lecter, likes to have his dinner quietly.

Gyanban Thoughts - Inspired by Dr.Hannibal Lecter of Silence of the Lambs fame.!The focus is on the quietness of it all,the silence of it all,and the underlying,or dying in this case, noises in the barbecue pit.What makes it more chilling, if you notice, the story is being narrated by a third person - who is being made to watch this macabre episode, knowing fully well, it could well be his turn next to be in the barbecue sauce.!

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  1. That is one gory barbecue...power of brevity and suspense is amazing.

  2. That's terribly scary particularly after I re-read it after the description! Without it, it seems rather abstract but SOTL was one heck of a scary movie!

  3. Aah, the great Hannibal Lecter. I never tire of reading about him. Nice way to write about him. Does him justice.

  4. @Alka - Thank you

    @Richi - Welcome to Gyanban - thanks for appreciating the story.The movie indeed was a masterpiece.
    Since you are new to Gyanban, I must tell you, most of the content you read here, either in poetry or story, is designed to be subtle,read-between-the-lines, simply because I believe the magic of the story lies reading in between the lines and not stating the obvious. So many of my readers rely on Gyanban Thoughts for the insight.

    @D2 - I loved the scene where he says "Hello Clarice -I am planning to have you over dinner" Subtle, strong, intense. So bewitching.

  5. am glad you mentioned summary in the end....i could understand and appreciate the context better and didn't just have to say *nice, awesome blah blah* :)

    i haven't watched the movie :( i suck at awwful movies....but i can watch the scary movie series and true blood :D

  6. *shudder*
    On your blog after a long time. Good to see you're back to writing!

  7. "Well Hello" Gyanban... Smiles...
    That was a nice nosh with the coffee this morning.


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