September 17, 2011

Wrong Right

The rule you break,the money you make,

The tatto you hide, love the other side,

The drink you mix, the date you fix,

The visit to the Phantoms paradise.

The chocolate you tempt,the forced restraint,

The burger you loathe,then relent,

The blueberry scuffle, the Tiramisu battle,

The war of scoops,the strawberry rattle.

The manufactured news you read, the poor you feed,

The fast you take, the democracy you break,

The politics at work,the peace with a jerk,

The allowance you snatch, behind the latch.

The speeding bike, rush from the bar,

The ignorant loner,hits the car,

The paying pop and the comforting cop,

The raving party must not stop.

The imemdiate need,for the designer breed,

The wonder rich kid and inherited greed

The cheap local, almost anit-social,

The poor boy ,a mistake collossal.

The ego flaunt,the brilliance gene,

The designer life,and evergreen,

The proud momma and bitchy in-law,

The nasty treatment,a derserving flog.

The ditcher in the eye, eternal love,

The flaming passion,a hidden trove.

The extra attention,mesmerising charm,

The scathing remark and dark sarcasm.

The way you dress, the food you eat,

The money you spend, the holidays you take,

The colleagues you met,the freinds you beget,

The marriage regret and the honeymoon fret.

The beautiful sight of a landing flight,

The detour fright, the allegiance delight.

The ultimate sacrifice, eternal paradise,

The burning cause and reprise.

The warming night,heated day,

The burried earth, and trapped decay,

The melting ice and changing scape,

The floating wave,watery grave,

The escaping life and the drowsy brave.

All that you know is so slight,

Who knows , wrong could be the new right !

Gyanban Thoughts - A few lines dedicated to the ironies of life.I often wonder, why is everything that we want mostly wrong? Life exists in opposites, or goodness exists in opposites - probably a betrayal on either side. !
Life has a way of balancing itself,whether we like it or not, agree or not, we just keep pushing our momentary truth and extract momentary pleasure, instant gratification.The popular optimist will say, someday all this will change,and life will become ideal.
The scathing pessimist will say this is as close to happening as finding life on another planet. Somewhere all of our definitions are mixed up with the environment around us.

Also written for Onesingleimpression prompt Betrayal.



  1. I so in all agree with you!
    Definitely a beautiful and a very creative way to present your thoughts.

    Each line was like a clear picture to easy description. felt like reading a comic...with each word so precise n accurate to reflect the of the emotions in words &line!!

    simply Love it!!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. Things at the root don't change and nothing is ideal.Life is a mix and match of the good,bad and the ugly........Depends on individuals how they can juggle them and be satisfied in life :-)

    Nice lines GB to express the thoughts!

  3. Refreshing, truly. lovely twist of words,pleasing to the mind.

  4. Very nice and thought provoking write!

  5. I enjoy poetry that makes me think...good job!

  6. I was lost in thoughts in the lilt of the poem so I did not know when it ended!!

    What seems right today may be wrong tomorrow and vice versa as the last lines suggest!! So I agree life will go on with the opposites juxtaposed and in balance too!!

    Wonderful thoughts put very effectively!!

  7. a thoughtful and powerful write... apart from the meaning I loved the flow of the poem. Brilliant write.

  8. what a fun word play.
    enjoyed it.
    colorful imagery.

  9. Well..yes, who knows..I remembered that phrase from The Atlas Shrugged.. " Who is John Galt"..

  10. So poignant and thought-provoking! Yes, they all look so small yet so true to today. Thoughts so beautifully expressed. Loved the flow of words and message behind them.

  11. I want to ask what do you take as being "wrong"? The word is such an interesting concept. I want to comment on your thoughts on your own writing here because when you express "Life exists in opposites" and what you express following thereof, I receive more of a moralist duality. I feel that your moral duality is a set foundation, in that opposites that exist in the "world" are based on judgement. Where as I would disagree, judgement do exist in the world yes, but do not determine opposites. They merely offer an opinion on them.

    For example, tall and short. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, merely ones that have something that stands against.

    I would agree, however, that our current world's perception dramatizes what we experience, and in a sort of pessimistic presentation. It is sad, and disappointing.

    I do like what you have done here, in looking at duality of morals. You have a great poem.

    You have a great blog, much better than I. I do like a lot of what you have written.

    But what do you think of opposites that have no moral foundation? Just a random question.

    P.S. this is Torndale from

  12. @torndale - Wrong or right has always been defined by mass consensus.Morality is a perfect example of mass consensus which is often as a result of efforts by a few people. Manufacturing mass consent has been prevalant from BC to CCTV ! We will never know what the original truth is because there is no single source of truth for us to follow or understand. Therefore, we do the next best thing - follow what is generaaly accepted in the world around us.

  13. Gyanban,
    I disagree. We should not follow what is generally accepted but what is true in the heart. What if I grew up in a family that strongly supported the idea that killing black people simply because they are black is right? I don't want to follow this, so what should I do?

    I think accepting what is generally accepted is placed on ignorance. For example. I am told the Koran, because I live in the U.S., is vile, full of corruption, and lust. This sadly, is some form of what is generally accepted about the Koran. Shall I follow this in declaring what is wrong, even though this is an "analysis" from the general populous?

    I will take in part of what you say here in that we should accept the world around us. Yes, I will, but my judgements are those that feed on my reaction of the perception and actions of the mass that resides in this world.

    But I still would like to hear what you think of opposites that have no moral foundation. Or do you think I am incorrect in asking if there is such a thing?

  14. You see what is true in the heart is not consistent with time.It changes.
    For example the person you love today may become the object of extreme hate tomorrow. Are you changing or is the world around you changing?

    Therefore, great thinkers in the history of time have preached the necessity to balance the mind - which I can fairly say, we are struggling big time.

    Not following mass consensus, or not flowing with the generalist tide, will make that world around you quite different - suddenly you might find yourself the lone man standing..perhaps the last man standing.

    This is when your belief system will be tested.If you re upto it - you will prevail - else the function of time erodes the best of determinations.

    Think Howard Roark ( Fountainhead) - He needed to do what was right.Period.He had extreme belief that he would continue doing it.He did.But not untill he reached page 700! The preceeding 659 pages were nothing but sheer struggle.

    Misinformation is often the bane of our society.Be it the Bible,Quran or Gita - there are always going to be believers and non-belivers as they have been since ages.There have always been extrapolations in each of these holy books when you plot against the function of time and circumstance.When mass consensus was pro there was a different world, when it was against there will be a different world.

    Lastly, moral foundation - the word itself has undergone multiple changes over time. There are simple examples in our everyday life to highlight that - what was taboo before is the norm now. Why? Because there is mass consensus. I am not saying whether it is right or wrong or whether I agree or disagree.

    Moral Foundation is dynamic - could be a function of the economy,the politics,the complexity or the necessity.It could be the ignorance or maybe just a state of trance. It's definitions have changed and continue to change and co-exist in multiple layers with multiple definitions.

    Again - no single source of truth.

    So you see, life does exist in opposites, and somewhre it all adds up - binary, yes, no, true or false, maybe that is why some scientists consider binary as the origin of truth or the universal language.

    Someday we might know for sure that good and bad dont exist at all.But till then what choice do we have but to follow ....

  15. I have to say Gayanban, I am deeply humbled and do enjoy this conversation so much.

    I will agree with what is wrong or right is usually held by popular demand. There is no denying that.

    And to your question, am I changing or is the world? Well, one changes through the other. We evidentially cannot change what appears on the horizon, but we can manipulate in how we see it. So I see we come to a fitting, in observation there is fluctuation.

    I think we arrived at a similar analysis of life existing in opposites or contrasting elements. These "opposites" can arrive through perception as having a judgement about them. The thing I really want to look at is the thing in and of themselves. This is their foundation, not morality. And this is what I think I was trying to get at with the idea of truth. Some form that is prior to judgements before being cast. But maybe I should have been more descriptive before, and I apologize.

    Thank you again Gayanban, I appreciate your time in my possible waste on your page.

  16. @Falling universe - I am s glad,we could have an objective discussion.It was wonderful to hear your logic and point of view.I respect that.

    I am waiting for the universal truth to arrive someday - it will be the clincher, once and for all -remove all doubt.Whether it comes in the shape of a God,Book, or an Alien is immaterial.

    Hopefully then,there will be no further questions.Now how would that life be? :-)


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